Friday, June 23, 2017

Can I Get a Whoop Whoop? Lots Going On...

Hi, all!

Here it is, Friday again - - - how did that happen?  But however it happened, it means one thing - it's time to get our whoop whoop on!  Are you ready?  Let's get started!


It's been a strange week for me - I've been hopping from project to project, working several things at one time, some on a deadline, some not.  I've worked a little on the Long Time Gone quilt, which I want to have finished and quilted in time to enter it in our local quilt show in mid-September...

These pineapple blocks are a real trip to make - paper pieced, which I am absolutely. no. good. at - but I managed to make five so far, and they're getting better.  

I made this t-shirt quilt top, then had to sit on my hands and wait for the backing material to arrive.  It finally arrived on Tuesday, and on Thursday I made the back.  There's a strip in the middle made up of the smaller imprints from the front of the shirts...

...and here it is, sewn into the backing fabric.

I also worked hard on the quilt for the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop!  Here's part of it - and there will be a tutorial for it starting July 14th.  We've got lots of great stops on the blog hop this year - mark your calendars!

And at church Wednesday night we played around with some donated blocks and came up with this fun arrangement.  I'm working on pulling this together into a quilt top!

So that's my week in a nutshell - lots of work, but not so many finishes.  Still, though, it's progress, so can I get a whoop whoop?


And now it's your turn!

What's got you whooping it up this week?

What's making you do a little happy dance?

Share!  We want to dance right along with you - 
And it's always more fun to dance with friends!

The party will stay open until Sunday midnight.

Hope to see you there!




  1. as usual you have been very active with your stitching. The quilt you played around with at Church looks so good a lovely arrangement, saw the pineapple blocks the other day one of the hardest blocks to make.

  2. You are always so productive! I love those donated blocks, very pretty and love how you are setting them.

  3. Wow - you have accomplished a lot this past week - whoop, whoop :)!!

  4. I'm impressed with the pineapples blocks, I've never had the courage to try them. I'm so excited for the Christmas hop, I'm just on a break after working on my XXXXXX all morning, it's coming on great and I'm so happy with it that I'm now doing one, or maybe two, variations. Can't wait!

  5. Those pineapple blocks look fantastic. You've been busy and everything you do looks so good. Whoop, Whoop! --Andrea

  6. Love the layout of the blocks donated to the church group! I've got a t shirt quilt waiting in the wings ... I thought they were going to be from current or slightly recent t shirts. Ha! They are kid's shirts from T ball to basket ball up to high school. It's going to be a real challenge to come up with something that works with lots of different sized shirts! Sigh. Yours looks great especially that back row.

  7. You got a lot done! Love the idea of the stripe down the back of the t-shirt quilt. LOL - those are funny flamingos.

  8. Your posts are always a feast for the eyes. Those pineapples are delightful. And I love what you did with the strip on the back of the T-shirt quilt.

  9. Wow, you have a lot going on. Love how you added the small things from the t-shirts on the back. Looking forward to Christmas in July. I like how you laid out those blocks for the mystery quilt. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  10. I love your post, my friend. You always inspire me!

  11. I am no good at paper piecing either. But they do say that practice makes perfect. What if I don't want to practice? lol. Love your pineapple blocks. Also love the donated blocks. They are very interesting. First time I see fans made this way. Love them and the arrangement you chose is perfect. Great work. ;^)

  12. Your pineapple blocks are amazing! Love those colors! Like that Tshirt quilt - those yellow cornerstones are so pretty! Thank you for hosting and for sharing!

  13. That's a neat arrangement on the last quilt pictured.


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