Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I May Have A Scrap Problem... But I'm Working On It!

Hi, all!

It's now officially summer, when the combination of rain and warm weather makes everything grow - and I think that includes my scraps!  As much as I've been using them, they still keep increasing... oh well, guess that means I need to find more great quilts to make!

But first, let me show you what I've been doing with mine this week...

I finally bit the bullet and tried to make the pineapple blocks for my Long Time Gone quilt.  Only five so far, but I'm happy with how they are turning out!  I did learn a trick that made them go a lot easier...

WASHI TAPE!  Using washi tape to hold the piece in place as I sewed it from the back was a real lifesaver - I did a lot less frog-stitching after I figured this one out!  So I'm not cursing any more as I make these blocks, although they take a really long time to make.  I guess, if they were simple, everyone would make them!

I'm also working on the quilt for the 12 Days of Christmas in July quilt-along (coming to the blog starting on 7/14/17!) and in the process, using up my Christmas fabric stash - it feels good!  Although I don't think I'll ever work through it all... it also reproduces during the summer, it seems!

And now for a little Instagram inspiration - some great scrappy quilts I saw this week that made me want to dig in my scraps and play!

I do love an hourglass block quilt, and it's a great way to use up scrap squares!

And this quilt is a very nice scrappy layout using one size rectangular block - a lovely mash-up of colors!  But it would also look very nice done in all one color...

And look at Beth's fabulous string quilt!  I think this is one of the most creative layouts I've ever seen, and yes, Beth, I'm going to copy it shamelessly!!

And how about this sweet little baby quilt?  We make a lot of charm quilts in the ministry - it's a great way to teach newbies how to get a consistent 1/4" seam - but we may start adding in the square-in-a-square blocks for a cute little pop now!

So let's go play in scraps!!  They're just sitting there waiting for you - what are you waiting for?




  1. I have made on pineapple block and said never again!! Yours are coming along well, you have found some lovely quilts instagram need to spend some more time on the sight but it annoys me that you cannot add to it from the lap top and my tablet is so slow in nearly goes backards

  2. I like the hour glass quilt - great use of scraps. I do not use instagram much - takes more time scrolling through things on the phone. I'm trying to limit my time on social media and already spend so much time on the computer

  3. Beth's string quilt is wonderful and I'll be copying it too, it's so nice to see a different idea for using them.

  4. Lovely eye candy today. Hum, maybe I should pull out an unfinished scrap quilt and get it finished? Love your pineapple blocks and boy, you are so right, they take forever!

  5. Those are some really lovely scrap quilts. I've been pondering my scraps lately. I think it's about time for another scrap quilt soon. --Andrea

  6. :) Scrappy quilts are my favorite!

  7. Awesome projects and I can't WAIT to see that Christmas in July quilt!! I worked on a scrap quilt today and very nearly finished another one over the weekend. I better get back to it...

  8. Pineapple blocks do take time, but the end result it worth the effort! Beth's string quilt looks like something we all need to try! :-)


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