Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Make-A-List Monday - Summer Days, Drifting Away...

Hi, all!

Are you enjoying these summer (or nearly-summer) days as much as I am?  It's either been beautiful here, or horrific rain and thunderstorms - nothing in between - but mostly it's been nice.  The sunshine makes me happy, and when I'm happy, I quilt!    Good thing, too - there's a lot to do lately!  Let's take a look at last week's list and see how it went...

1.  Hang up the Hipster Cat quilt in my doctor's office.
I've taken it down there, but wasn't able to hang it yet.  I'll check later this week to see where they ended up putting it and get some pics!

2.  Work on the new t-shirt quilt commission job.
Done!  Well, at least the top is done.  I'm still waiting for the backing fabric, which should be here tomorrow.

3.  Start the pineapple blocks for the Long Time Gone quilt.
Done!  Five of sixteen, but I'm happy with that - paper piecing isn't my favorite, but at least I'm not cursing every time I start another one now!

4.  Work on the quilt for the 12 Days of Christmas in July quilt-along!
Done!  I had to re-start but I made a good start on it today and have part of the tutorial written, too!

5.  Quilt two quilts for Hands2Help.
I didn't get to this one....

6.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
A quiet week this week - we only gave away one quilt. This one went to a woman just beginning chemo treatments...

So not too bad last week - I didn't get to a few things, but I'm comfortable with what I did finish.  Here's what's on tap for this week...

1.  Finish the t-shirt commission quilt.

2.  Work on the 12 Days of Christmas in July quilt and tutorial.

3. Keep working on the pineapple blocks for the Long Time Gone quilt.

4.  Quilt two H2H quilts. 
(Boy am I glad Emily takes quilts all year long!)

5.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

Fingers crossed I can get all this done!  I've got some fabric coming in tomorrow for some secret sewing that I can't wait to play with, but I've got to get some other things off my plate first.  

So now, the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. You go, girl! I love that chemo quilt, it came out terrific! The piles of blocks are very inspiring, too!

  2. I can't wait to see the hipster cat quilt in its happy place at the office! This week I'm going to try to sew some quilt tops together and get to work on the blog hop project :-)

  3. Such pretty little pineapple blocks! Have a good week.

  4. I've been reading your blog for quite awhile. Don't think I've ever commented. I just want to say I like your lists. Helps me to feel productive. And you do so much for charity, it's awesome.

  5. I just love reading your Monday posts...gets me so inspired. I'm waiting on backing fabric for the tshirt quilt I'm working on, so I started a new quilt and I've almost got the top done. I have two other quilts that need FMQ which I should get done this week! yay :-)

  6. I'm always impressed with what you get done. I'll be hopefully finishing up my Captain America blocks this week and begin the quilt assembly. --Andrea

  7. Finished Freefall QAL, took some photos, drove Hugh to indoor model plane night flying, took some photos, did housework, and sorted out merino tops to sew up today. Your title today continues.. ""tell me more, tell me more"". That song just keeps singing in my mind.

  8. Wonderful fabrics and colours!

  9. I finished a table runner and made 2 quilt tops. Took 2 baby and a lap to be quilted and am working on a solids challenge for my guild. :) You are inspiring!

  10. Nice finish on the t-shirt top. I like the equal sized blocks. I know it's not possible to always do that, I don't think I would enjoy making those.
    I really like the block for the ministry quilt, simple block but still is able to make a nice statement. think I'll make a smaller version for a Linus quilt.
    Nice scrappy quilt.


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