Friday, June 2, 2017

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? It's Up to You!!

Hi, all!

Happy Friday!!  Short week and all, it's finally here - and that means it's time for us to get our whoop whoop on!  Are you ready? Let's go!

I don't have much to show off this the week - I spent most of it taking care of grandkids...

...building fairy gardens....

...hemming pants for my husband...

...and mailing packages to H2H participants!  I really wish I had taken a picture of the two enormous IKEA bags full of packages that I dropped off at the post office yesterday - it was quite a sight!!

So it's really up to you this week to bring on the whoop whoops!


Now it's your turn!

What's got you whooping it up this week?

What's making you do a little happy dance?

Share - because we want to dance right along with you - 
And it's always more fun to dance with friends!

The party will stay open until Sunday midnight.

Hope to see you there!





  1. ooops, I linked twice, sorry, I didn't think it had worked the first time. I am pretty new at this. what else do i need to do? Save a widget on my page?

    1. Relax, Jenni! You're cool - I can remove the double linky but it's really no problem. Put the link on your page if you want, or just mention the linky in your blogpost - it's all good! This is a low-stress linky party!!

  2. Sarah, making fairy gardens is important work! Your grand children are adorable! Thanks for hosting the best dance party in town!

  3. A week of great investment in those littles! They are sweet and adorable and will have wonderful memories of all the time they spent with you. With all that packaging and mailing, you probably still beat the rest of us with what you accomplished! I got some quilting done and with a friend, finished piecing a smaller version of En Provence. I will need to get a blog post going this week. I've fallen off the map ;-)

  4. Time with grand kids out trumps sewing. Fairy gardens are tons of fun. There is a house I walk by every morning that has lots of little fairy houses throughout their large front yard garden. It is so fun!

  5. Yea, I had hemming to do too . . . yuk! But it sure does save money doing it yourself, but I don't advertise!!! LOL Have fun with your grandkids!

  6. Sarah, I love fairy gardens. Our yard is not quite set up for it. I am thinking of doing something next week at my parents cabin on the beach. The little ones should enjoy it. Thanks for let us whoop it up with you. --Andrea

  7. Thank you for all the work you did on the donation project. I received a lovely thank you note from Emily. I hope that they received a whole pile of quilts. Just wish they didn't need them.


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