Wednesday, November 6, 2019

I May Have A Scrap Problem... But I'm Working On It!

Hi, all!

The sun was finally shining today, so instead of working on my three My Small World quilts, I took photographs of about twenty quilts!  

Some of them are commission quilts, some will be gifted, and some of them will be listed for sale - because my quilt cupboard runneth over!  And just like using up stash or donating it, that just makes room for more quilts - which is a good thing, because as I just told my husband, I'm not going to quit making them!

However, I did find time to finish piecing the second side of my Birch Bark quilt.  Here's the whole width of it laid side by side - it's going to be one. big. quilt!  I'm planning to quilt it in two halves, as my long arm frame isn't wide enough to do the whole thing assembled.  I'll join the two pieces after quilting.  Fingers crossed that it works!

And then, because I was trying to avoid working on something else I really wanted to do something scrappy, I cut up the scraps left over from my Patchwork Forest quilt for a special project!  

Here it is all tucked away in one of my project bags, but I don't think it will stay there long - I've got plans to paint the stair treads on Friday while my husband is out of town, and since I'll need to stay downstairs, I plan to sew in the kitchen - and guess what I'll be sewing on?  After all, there should be SOME reward for doing the non-quilts things, right?

So what scrappy things are you working on this week?




  1. An enforced stay downstairs? I am sure you will put this time to extra good use, and the project? Looks enticing.

  2. Hope quilting your quilt in 2 sections works out ok. Have fun with the new project! Happy Stitching!

  3. I did do a quilt in two parts before--a bit hard to keep it all straight but definitely possible to do!

  4. You always get so much done in a week! I'm sure the downstairs sewing will be just as productive.

  5. I think I need to start waking up early and organize my day better so I can get more done - I just am so envious of how much you get done

  6. Ditto what Karen said ^^^
    And I love your comment: "because as I just told my husband, I'm not going to quit making them!" Haha!!
    I just sent a package of orphan blocks and orphan tops to a quilter in CA. She makes quilts for charity and there was no sense letting them sit idle in my sewing room any longer! Now I don't feel guilty about making more!

  7. Nice progress!! I'm working on a new Quilted Scrap Basket. Speaking of progress... I just finished another one this past weekend!

  8. You're an inspiration, Sarah! I love reading about all your varieties of doings. I'm quilting a Meadowland.

  9. Fabulous projects!
    I try to finish a sampler quilt, the sampler has,(60) 61/2x61/2 and right now I have 40 done and this week I prepare four blocks and hope to sew them next weekend.

  10. I recently did the join in the center and it worked just fine. I did the front seam on the machine (no batting in the seam allowance, turned it over and pinned the back and stitched by hand on the ironing board. Worked like a charm. On this quilt, I didn't want a quilting line down the middle.


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