Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Make-A-List Monday - A Very Short Week!

Hi, all!

It's Monday again, and it's going to be a very short week, because I get to go to New York City for a very long weekend!  I'm excited - the diet is going on hold for the weekend as I plan to enjoy all the tastes of NYC!  I'm also hoping to visit Gotham Quilts, which was closed the last time I was there.  

But before I go, I need to check last week's list. Let's see how it went!

1.  Bind my Flight of Fancy quilt.
Done!  This is such a pretty quilt... Christina Cameli writes great patterns!

2.  Take lots of quilt pics when the sun shines!
Done - and boy, was it a lot!  I think I transferred over 100 photographs to my computer after the photo session.  I'm trying to get ready to sell some of my quilts and other pieces, hence the photo shoot. Here's a shot that can give you an idea of some of the preparations that are taking place!

3.  Make some class samples.
Done!  Among others, I made this one to learn a new-to-me technique, using binding to face a quilt!

4.  Make two pillow covers for a quick commission job!
Done!  And not just two, I actually made four pillow covers for this customer, as she added two more after picking up the first ones she ordered.

5.  Write up an estimate for a new commission.
Done!  I've also deconstructed a comforter to retrieve the fabric to include it in the quilt, and ordered the necessary additional fabrics.

6.  Make progress on my Birch Bark quilt.
Done!  I have completed piecing both halves of the quilt, and it's ready to be quilted someday soon!

7.  Make progress on the My Small World quilts.
No progress this week, I'm afraid...

8.  Put one of the annual quilts on the frame (maybe?)
This didn't happen either.  Maybe after I get back from NYC!!

9.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
We did give away a couple of quilts this week...

This one went to a woman dealing with multiple health issues...

...and this one went to a 15 year old girl recently diagnosed with a rare lung tumor.

So last week wasn't a complete bust - I got a lot done, even if it wasn't everything on the list. That may happen more and more often as Christmas gets closer, but it's important to have goals, right?

That being said, I don't think I'm going to make a list for this week. Tuesday I need to spend some time cleaning house so our dog/house sitter will be willing to come back again in the future (my husband reminded me of that as he left the house this morning, bless him), plus I want to go see the grands before I go.  We leave early Wednesday morning and won't be back until Sunday, so this week is pretty much shot.  I guess I'll spend my week with mental stuff, like next year's H2H quilt-along theme!

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. have fun in NYC - I wish my husband would like to go there I think it would be fun for a couple days. I am working on too many things and still trying to get caught up on this years list of too many projects!

  2. Have a wonderful trip with your hubby :-)

  3. I’d take a long weekend trip, anywhere!” But New York City! Lucky girl! You get lots done all the time, so relax and have fun!!
    I’m working on some garlic knot blocks and some blocks for Covered in Love!

  4. You had a very good week! I'm working on the quilt frame queue--another one loaded today! I hope to finish it tomorrow (it's only a lap quilt).

  5. How did I miss when you pieced Flight of Fancy?? That's a real beauty! Have a great trip to NY :)

  6. Love your binding/facing sample, and would like to hear more about this technique. I'm working on a Quilt of Valor with a ton of half square triangles--using up lots of red and white scraps. Yay!


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