Friday, July 23, 2021

12 Days of Christmas in July Blog Hop and Quiltalong, Day 10!


Hi, all!

We're moving into the double-digit portion of the hop, which means we're almost finished - but there's still plenty more inspiration to come!    Today Carole of From My Carolina Home will be sharing some things to use to decorate your home for the holidays.  I don't know about you, but I can NEVER have enough Christmas decor!  I have some favorite pieces that come out every year, but then I pick and choose from the rest so that it looks a little different each time.  

We'll also be continuing work on the second set of blocks for our Peppermint Twist quilts.  We're getting so close!

And here's the schedule for the rest of the hop...

Wednesday, July 14th

Thursday, July 15th

Friday, July 16th
Jamie of L'Fair Quilts

Saturday, July 17th

Sunday, July 18th

Monday, July 19th

Tuesday, July 20th

Wednesday, July 21st

Thursday, July 22nd
Sandra of MMM Quilts

Friday, July 23rd

Saturday, July 24th
Joanne of Everyone Deserves a Quilt (Part 2)

Sunday, July 25th


We're in the home stretch on this set of blocks, folks!   Today we will be finishing up those side red/white/green blocks, an easy-peasy bit of sewing if you've squared up the individual units.  If you still need to finish trimming your blocks, do so now.  

Lay out your blocks in pairs, using one of each of your two types of units as shown.  Pin together along the red triangles, matching the top and bottom diagonal seams carefully.  Sew together (chain piecing is great here!) and press the seams open.  

Now you can lay out the pieces of the block and see how pretty it's going to be.  Tomorrow we'll assemble the blocks, but you've done a lot today, so sit back and take a rest!




  1. Love the way you have eased us into this complicated looking block!

  2. I would love a pdf of the pattern or blocks. Thanks. This is awesome. Sewthyme at gmail dot com


Comments make me smile!! If you want a PDF of a pattern, PLEASE leave your email address in your comment, or email me directly at salliesue57 (at) gmail (dot) com!