Monday, July 19, 2021

12 Days of Christmas in July Blog Hop and Quiltalong, Day 6!


Hi, all!

Welcome back to the 6th day of this year's 12 Days of Christmas in July Blog Hop and Quiltalong!  I tried to write this post sitting outside on my patio, but whew!  The weather is not cooperating with my feeling all cool and Christmas-y at all!  So now I'm inside drinking a cool beverage and thinking wintery thoughts and trying to get back into a Christmas kind of mood.  And I have every confidence that today's bloggers, Katie of Katie Mae Quilts and Shasta of High Road Quilter, can help me get there.  If you, too, are wilting in the summer heat, grab a cuppa and check out their posts for a little Christmas cheer!

For today's installment in the Peppermint Twist quilt-along, we'll be starting the star blocks.  

And here's the schedule for the rest of the hop...

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Sunday, July 25th


Today we will begin construction of Block 2.  You will be making thirteen of these blocks for the 60" square quilt.

Using your Block 2:E pieces, lay them out with the red triangle on the left and the white triangle on the right.  Sew a red triangle to the right triangle along the short edge.  Chain piecing here is your friend!  

Press the seams open, then cut the pieces apart.  Now STOP and read the next instruction. Don't assume you know where this is going (don't ask me how I know about this....)

Using the 2:D pieces (light green squares), take one green square and measure approximately 1 3/4" up each side from one corner and place a pin or make a mark.  Lay one of the red/white triangle units facedown on the green square with the long edge on the line between those two points.  Pin in place.

Using a ruler or straight edge, check to see that the seam of the triangle unit is in line with the opposite points of the square, as shown.  Adjust as needed.  Stitch with a scant 1/4" seam.  

Now take the unit you just made and fold the red/white triangle back.  Does it cover all the way to the corner of the green square underneath?  If not, take it off and adjust as needed until you have found your sweet spot.  Repeat for the other 51 green squares.  Trim off the green triangle underneath the red/white triangle unit.  Press seam open.

Set these units aside until tomorrow - there's one more step to them and then the tricky part of this block is done!

Are you more in the Christmas mood now?  



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  1. This step is amazing! The block looks totally different than what I had expected! fun!


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