Wednesday, October 27, 2021

I May Have A Scrap Problem... And A New Project!


Hi, all!

If you have seen my blog for the past month or so, you know that I'm working a WIP challenge - so of course I decided to start a new scrappy project!   Last week I shared Amy Smart's pattern Gratitude...

...with the thought that it would make a great scrappy quilt.  Then my husband cleaned some lovely cotton dress shirts out of his closet and said I could have them for my stash if I wanted.  It occurred to me that this would make a good manly quilt made with shirtings!  So I started cutting up those shirts...

...and when I realized I wanted more variety in the quilt, I went to the bins of shirts I had been stashing for years....

...and dragged out a whole bunch more!  FYI my husband is a bit of a clothes horse and absolutely loves nice dress shirts - so when he cleans out his closet I benefit!  And when you think it's not worth cutting them up, take a look at all the 10" and 5" squares those shirts yielded!  

I didn't count the final number, but after the first six shirts I counted 45 ten inch squares and 93 five inch squares!  There's a LOT of fabric in a man's XL  shirt and I think this is going to make a fun version of Amy's quilt.  Next week I should have some progress to show you, so stay tuned!

I'm also considering using this as a design for a few memory quilts I need to make using some very non-traditional pieces.  Still ruminating over that one, though, so we shall see!

So what have you been doing with scraps this week?  Anything fun?



PS - remember that Amy's pattern is free until the end of November!  


  1. This is a great source for your next quilt! What a great idea!

  2. I love that. I am one who wears a shirt until it is well worn-out. But I used some shirtings in my last project and there are pieces left that are finding their way into my current "strips" project.

  3. Any tips on cutting the shirts into squares (quickly and evenly)? I've got lots of crisp old shirts...

  4. Thank you for your fabric yield report. I did the math... you got about 3/4 of a yard of fabric per shirt... not to mention the strips you had leftover! I had always looked at a shirt as "more than 2 fat quarters", and a thrift store find for $2 (sometimes less) was a good buy. Based on your numbers, it's a better buy than I thought!

  5. Oh Oh Oh....that will be lovely.

  6. Oh, yes, Sarah! Amy's pattern will work well with shirting fabrics. Have fun! I'll be looking forward to seeing your progress.

  7. Ooh, I love a shirt quilt! This one looks like it's going to be a winner.

  8. Sarah that is a great stack of fabric. Looking forward to seeing this project done!!

  9. Sounds like 'grandpa' quilts for grandkids?


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