Monday, October 4, 2021

Make-A-List Monday - Making Progress!


Hi, all!

It's been a weird day today, with Instagram down most of the day!  Those of you who are still on Facebook probably noticed it too.  I'm so happy it's finally back up - I didn't realize how much fun I was having sharing my progress in the WIPs-B-Gone 2021 challenge until I couldn't do it!  But thankfully it's back up, plus I get to share with all of you too here - so let's get started!

Here's how last week's list went....

1.  Quilt the hockey quilt.
Done!  This is a gift, so I'm going to keep it a bit under wraps until later, but it's done!

2.  Assemble the second half of my vacation quilt.
Done!  Here it is all laid out so you can see how large this quilt is - I'll be quilting it in two halves, then joining them together.

3.  Work on the Christmas pillow covers.
This is definitely a Work In Progress - I didn't do much on these this week, but I did print out the letters that I will use to make the appliqués for these pillows!  More progress next week...

4.  Make some Endless Summer blocks.
I didn't work on these this week - they got pushed aside for another project I'll share in a minute!

5.  Quilt the cat wall hanging.
This WIP is finished!  I am loving the way this turned out, and I'll be sharing more about this one later this week!

And then, instead of working on the Endless Summer blocks, I laid this snowflake quilt WIP out on the design wall (with Lilli's help!) and started assembling it.  The top twelve rows are completely done, only ten more to go!

Honestly, this WIP challenge has been the best thing!  Granted, I started with Christmas presents that would be finished this year anyway, but getting those out of the way quickly has motivated me to drag out some much older WIPS and finish them up, too!  

And here's what I'll be working on this week...

1.  Quilt Lilli's annual quilt (while she's out of town and not looking over my shoulder!)

2.  Work on those Christmas pillow covers!

3.  Hem three pairs of yoga pants.

4.  Make at least one Endless Summer block!

5.  Finish assembling the snowflake quilt.

6.  Make a back for the snowflake quilt.

7.  Make a back for the spool quilt.

8.  Quilt a ministry quilt.

Definitely enough to keep me out of trouble for at least a few days!  My priority will be Lilli's quilt - as she's on vacation, I can quilt it so it will be at least partly a surprise.  She knows what she's getting, since she picked it out, but I hope to have at least one or two surprises for her!  

So now, my only question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. I did buy the cat pattern--I will use it for a table runner since they sneak onto the table already! lol I love the way yours turned out!

  2. I do like that cat wall hanging too.

  3. Hi. I know everything takes time and work .... but .... I was wondering if you are going to start your "I may have a scrap problem" back up?

    I love reading your blog.

    Take Care Cindy

  4. The WIPS-B-GONE challenge has been good for me as least the first quarter, hope I can keep it up. Love your vacation quilt. You've got quite a list for this week. Good luck.

  5. You are so inspiring, Sarah! Like a reader from last week I would love more information on how you are going to connect the two quilted halves of your king size quilt.

  6. Love the hockey quilt, we area hockey family.


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