Wednesday, October 5, 2022

I May Have A Scrap Problem... But I'm Working On It!

 Hi, all!

Well, I've been absent from the blog, but I haven't been skipping out on my scrappy sewing - I decided that I could definitely do some hand sewing, so I ordered some hexie templates and dragged out my 2.5" square bins.  Many months later, this is what I have...

I haven't actually measured it yet, but it's a good lap size, plenty big enough to snuggle up on the couch with. I've just got to fill in that top right corner and it will be ready for a border and quilting!  Every stitch in it has been done by hand (although I will be finishing it up with the machine) and I am very proud of myself for sticking with it!

I also started a quilt using lots of leftover binding strips earlier this year and have finally finished that top, adding the borders just this afternoon.

This quilt will be finished by someone else in the quilt ministry (I'm not feeling quite able to belly up to the belly bar on my long arm yet) and hopefully will bring a lot of joy to someone in need.

And what's next on my horizon?  Well, while surfing Instagram I found these cute pin cushions that I want to try - it's a good thing I have lots of scraps already cut up into squares!

And I'm thinking that this quilt design, or something similar, would make an excellent ministry quilt!  We are working on making thank-you quilts for our local teachers (in addition to our regular ministry quilts) and this looks quick and easy but so cute!  We were very lucky to have a Studio cutter donated to us, so it's easy for us to cut lots of 2.5" strips now.  I need to get on EQ8 and graph out the quilt and write instructions for our newbie members, but that shouldn't be too hard.

So that's what I'm doing to keep the scraps in control these days.  Of course, I now have a little bit of extra "help" in the studio...

Bree is definitely a fabric lover's dog - she is constantly stealing my scraps, and today she even took fabric off my fabric shelves!  I'm going to have to work out some way to cover the storage units so the temptation isn't staring her in the face, because like me, she has little self control when faced with beautiful fabric.....

So how's your scrap situation?  Are you drowning, or swimming merrily along? 




  1. I have so missed you. You were one of the 1st blogs I followed

  2. So lovely to see you back this morning!!! And inspiring as always. My goodness that's a mess-o-hexies! I love it!! It's always great fun and encouragement to see what you've been up to. Bree is just way too cute! And a fabric lover. Can't beat that!!

  3. Sorry, that last comment was mine. Not sure how I missed identifying myself! Oops!

  4. I have missed your writings and missed your quiltings!!! LOVE the hexagons and the fact that you did it all by hand. Gives me inspiration to get started on the same and is a good way to keep my hands busy when not wanting to sit in front of my machine! Keep writing!!

  5. I had a foster cat who would bring me fabric. Not scraps but yardage. I now keep my yardage in fabric cubes I get from Ikea. I can see my fabric but the pets can't. Scrap sorting is, however, still a work in progress.

  6. My EPP project took 10 years of work so I am VERY impressed with your hexi!!!

  7. Well, it's good to have company in the quilt room, but noshing on fabric? Maybe not so much - ha! Wilbs (my cat) was terribly helpful yesterday, overseeing my work from my shoulder, stopping by frequently for a cuddle, moving my much-needed light with his tail. Sheesh. Gotta love 'em! That hexie quilt - wowza! Good to have you back, Sarah!

  8. The hexie quilt is amazing--you are closing the gap beautifully! Keep feeling better and knowing your limits-that's a good thing. I have enough scraps to last me the rest of my life-no sweat! lol

  9. I'd love to have directions for that strip quilt when you figure them out. It looks easy enough to accomplish in a short time

  10. My friend just asked for scraps. I am so happy to get rid of them. I have been trying to sort and organize them for years! No longer! They will make nice scrap quilts by my friend. Thank you for the tips and ideas to use them up. I am forwarding those to her too!

  11. Sarah -
    Im so glad you’re well and back. You were sure missed. I love seeing your scrappy quilts again and your dog is beautiful. So glad you have such a sweet companion.

    Please do watch her around your fabric, however, as it can be quite dangerous for her if she decides that she likes to ingest fabrics. She may not ever do that. But some dogs will do it, for whatever reason, and in certain situations it can actually kill them unless there is emergency surgical intervention.
    Strings of fabric or threads can strangle her intestines and larger amounts of fabric could cause an obstruction of her intestines also requiring surgery to resolve.

  12. Welcome back. I am so looking forward to seeing all your creations and getting to know beautiful Bree

  13. It's SEW good to hear that you found a way to play with scraps during your absence from the blog, Sarah! Me? Definitely still here drowning in scraps.


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