Monday, October 17, 2022

Make-A-List Monday - Turtle Not Rabbit!


Hi, all!

Well, this week I was more of a turtle than a rabbit - I'm not sure why, I've got plenty of energy, but I didn't do a whole lot on my weekly to-do list.  I think it's because I'm not back in the habit of going to my studio every day and doing work work work!  I'll get there again, but I'll have to re-train myself, just like in doing these blog posts.  Here's how last week went....

1.  Finish cutting out Nathanael's quilt.
Done!  So. Many. Pieces.  But I love making these pieced picture quilts, so the construction will be fun!

2.  Choose final fabrics for Emmy's quilt.
I didn't get to this one yet. (Hangs head...)

3.  Start assembling the strip sets for Lilli's quilt.
Done!  I've made 21 strip sets so far (although there's still a lot of strips to put together...)

4.  Put borders on the hexie quilt.
I didn't get to this one, and won't until I've made more significant progress on the annual quilts!

5.  Choose a back for the hexie quilt.
Done!  I have a beautiful piece of linen left over from a Pottery Barn duvet cover that I bought (on sale) just for the fabric in it.  I think it will be perfect!

So the week wasn't a total washout, but I didn't get to everything I thought I might.  Oh well, it's better to have grand plans than none at all, right?  So here's my grand plans for this week!

1.  Start assembling Nathanael's quilt.

2.  Continue making Lilli's strip sets.

3.  Choose fabrics for Emmy's quilt and start cutting.

4.  Move fabric from 15 cubbies in my Kallax shelf
into new storage bins (see below!)

I'm going to stop at that - and then maybe I can get all of this done!  So here's the story about the Kallax shelving. Remember that I had to do this to it to prevent Bree from stealing folded fabric off the shelves?

Well, that worked great for keeping Bree out of the fabric, but it kept me out of it too, which just wasn't working for me!  So I did some searching (Amazon is my friend!) and found these....

These should be just the right size for my shelf cubbies, AND they have a clear window on the front so I can see what's in them!  Lilli texted me asking if she could come work for me on Wednesday, because in her words "I am poor and I need money"!  So this will be the perfect job for her - she loves to organize!!

Oh, and my week wasn't a total waste - remember those special sales that Amazon had this week?  Well, I lost my mind and bought myself an electric pressure washer, and had the best time cleaning my back patio and the front steps!  

Those are both "half-done" pictures so you can see how badly both areas needed to be cleaned!  It took the better part of two days to do that, and I paid the price in sore muscles, but it feels so good to have them nice and clean!

So now, I really want to know - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. I still think you accomplished a lot considering the home upkeep that takes up a LOT of time! the powerwashing sure makes a differencee--nice work! I really like the organizing bins-the clear fronts makes all the difference!

  2. Being a turtle is good :) I'm being one this week since I'm on vacation visiting family... I'll be doing a bit of stitching :) xx

  3. You got a lot done in other areas - and love what you bought to accommodate yourself and your cute Bree, so that you still see your lovely fabrics and Bree can enjoy them from afar too :)!
    I have been working on picture blocks (my favorite sewing) to place in the centre of some scrappy quilts. A bit of a peek-a-boo window look.
    Enjoy all your organizing with your granddaughter!

  4. I take my To Do lists as just 'suggestions' LOL. Any progress is better than none and you did advance some important projects.

  5. You got plenty done. No worries the tasks are going anywhere. Loved when I had a great power washer. It is so gratifying to do things likes the driveway, mindless work and you can see great progress with each pass.

  6. I think you should add some of the other things not on your list - that you got done too! And put checks by them. Sometimes writing down ALL we did do not just what we planned is a boost to our dopamine 😃. I have those same bins but smaller to fit the ClosetMaid cubicles. I love them! You inspire many and that’s a big accomplishment in itself ❤️🤗

  7. I didn't get to everything on my list either 😕 but that's OK! I got my Pumpkin Patch quilt basted and I've figured out how I want to quilt it so that's on my list this week. Along with finishing the quilting on Heart Strings and making the remaining 5 Swoon blocks I need to finish that top. Whew, that's enough!! LOL I bought quite a few things during Amazon's second Prime Day deals 😂 I got a new cutting mat and a new iron!!


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