Friday, March 2, 2012

Can I get a Whoop-Whoop?? Busy Week!!

Hi, all!

It's Friday!  Are you ready to get your whoop whoop on?

I had a good week - learned how to do machine binding, and finished three quilts for the quilt ministry!

I started with this stack...

And finished off these three!  
You'll see more of them and hear their stories
next Wednesday in The Sweatshop report...

I've still got four to bind, but I've got a special project
I'm working on that took priority.... More on that next week!


So that's my whoop whoop for the week!

What have you been working on?

It's time for Show & Tell!!

Remember, it doesn't have to be a finish...

Just something you're happy about!!

You can link up until Saturday at midnight.
Join in the fun!!!



PS!!!  My blog is featured today on Be @ Home Decor Blog!!  Go check it out - it's a really cool blog and I'm honored to be part of it!!


  1. Just love sampler quilts - they say 'come cuddle' and 'you are home' . After our Leap Day snow storm (yes, we finally go snow), it will be warming up - said I wasn't going to do it, but I did - made those darn Granny Square blocks - already to sash and border up.

  2. Machine binding is the way to go! When I first learned how to do it, I felt guilty about not doing it by hand. But I've left that far behind - it is just another thing that increases the chance I'll actually get a finish, so it can't be bad!

  3. What beautiful Quilts, I been having a busy time yesterday been changing the bedroom round ready for a new bed but also to make more room for me to sew in so no sewing happening but am hoping that I will be able to start soon
    Hugs Janice

  4. Wow!! You sure were busy. I love machine binding. So fast!!


  5. Great quilts you got done! I don't think I would quilt if not for machine binding and spray baste:) so my question is, are you doing it front to back or back to front?

  6. WHOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPP on learning how to machine bind!! I love it and do it all the time.

  7. I love seeing these great finishes you put out each week! Now that you're machine binding too, you're gonna be zippin' em out in no time! :)

  8. Beautiful finishes. Looks so lovely blowing in the breeze.

  9. wow! You are on a ROLL...and your machine is too...the binding roll!

    I did my very first machine binding, just yesterday...they aren't too "pretty" =( But, I want to learn to do it better. I still think that there will be quilts that I will want to hand bind. But, I think there is definitely a place for bindings done by machine.


  10. Great start on getting those tops moving!

    here I am thinking last night oh once it hits Friday I am going to post on Sarah's blog-----then I see the purple button while scrollin' through my blogger! Yikes you snuck up on me:)

  11. Your quilts look wonderful! Machine binding is the only way to go!

  12. Way to go on the machine binding and those finishes! I really like the bright colors in that middle quilt, and the samplers are fun too!

  13. Great finish! Machine binding is definitely the way to go with so many quilts to finish.

  14. Wow you have been busy! Congrats on learning machine binding, it looks great and saves time!

  15. Whoop whoop! Embrace the machine binding - such a time-saver and so very durable (at least in my house it is).
    Wow - you just rocked it this week, finishing three quilts. Lovely job, by the way.

  16. Hey I figured out how to link :-)
    So here's a Whoop Whoop for both of us! Great work on the quilts.

  17. Sarah, thanks for hosting! you make such cool stuff!

  18. Beautiful work as usual Sarah ! The quilts are amazing ! I almost ALWAYS do machine binding - both sides ; but I haven't been quilting as long as you ( and I want to get it done!) . thanks for doing this again . and WHOOP WHOOP for Sarah !!!
    Now I must go do some school work with dgd !!!

  19. Everything looks ab fab! I like your Friday, because it does not have to be a finish! It can just be what have you done in the last week. It's really fun and I enjoy following you :)

  20. You have been busy! I like them all but the middle one is my favorite. Great job!

  21. Those lovely finishes are worth more than one whoop-whoop! Awesome job!

  22. Hooray for learning new skillz! I've been machine binding a few quilts here and there for the past few months. I miss having a bit of handwork at the end of a project, but I figure my paper hexagon project fills that gap. It feels awfully nice to finish off a quilt so quickly!


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