Friday, March 23, 2012

Can I Get a Whoop-Whoop?? Butterflies Are Free....

Hi, all!

It's Friday again - are you ready to get your whoop whoop on?  I am!!  I can't wait to see what everyone's been working on this week!

Here's a special project I worked on this week...

This pretty little quilt will be going to a little five year old girl in New Orleans.  She already had a brain tumor, and has recently been diagnosed with another one.  She turns six next week, and we're hoping to get the quilt to her for her birthday!

The pattern is a simple disappearing 9-patch, but I think it turned out really nicely!

In this picture you can see the quilting - random meandering, but with hearts in each of the yellow squares.  And the backing is a nubby piece of white linen from my grandmother's stash - it washed up so soft!  Scrappy binding finishes it off!

I also made a couple of surprises for my granddaughter, who has all of a sudden decided that she wants to wear dresses all the time!

This is the one I gave her today - it was pronounce "the most beautiful dress!" by the princess!  Simple, though - a Target t-shirt cut off short, two widths of fabric 17" long gathered and sewn on, and a sash in a contrasting fabric!

the back..
...and detail of the front.

I also made her another dress - she chose the fabric to sew on the bottom of this t-shirt from a stack of beautiful fabrics - as soon as she saw those vacationing cows, she had to have it!  Oh, it's so nice to have a kid who follows in your footsteps!!

Not to mention the purple striped socks she chose to go with it....  She makes me smile!!

And take a look at what I scored at an estate sale today!

Twenty-eight of these gorgeous hand-sewn blocks, and look at this one...

Can you see the wording on the background fabric?  The fabric came from sugar sacks!  These blocks are beautiful - tiny hand stitches, inset seams - it will be an honor to finish them into a quilt!

And look at this beauty...

This is an absolutely gorgeous, twin size grandmother's flower garden - completely hand sewn and ready to quilt, in perfect condition!  Now I just need to figure out how to bind it once it's quilted!

And just one last thing - we've already had 44 people sign up to participate in the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge 2012!! 

But there's still room for more - so if you'd like to participate, or even just find out more about it, click here!  There are lots of great prizes to be given away this Sunday for those who sign up now, too!

So now it's your turn!

What are you whooping about this week?

Tell us all - we want to whoop along!!

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NOTE:  I'm sorry if you can't link up - LinkyTools had a major hard drive crash on Friday and they are trying to get it fixed - they hope to have it fixed sometime this weekend.  I've changed the ending time for the linky party to Sunday night, so you've got some extra time to link up!!


  1. Don't you love estate sales? Beautiful finds and finishes, too:)

    Lili is adorable in her new dresses!

  2. the quilt for the little girl is to precious it has such fun colors in it, it will surely make her smile! And your little granddaughter is too sweet in her little dresses! I can't wait to make mine a few from those t shirts. I like her style, too! Fantastic scores on those blocks!

  3. Lovely quilts you scored from the sale. The princess looks very happy with her new dress. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. What a fun post. The quilt you made is bright and cheery and I love, love, love the little dress (and its model!)

    Great find at an estate sale! I've never been so lucky.

  5. What cute dresses for a cutie pie girl. Hooray for the great blocks and hexie top.

  6. Wow, you scored some great quiltsy things! And that dress is so cute :)

    I haven't signed up yet. I've my fabric all picked out and my pattern. I just have some other commitments first, so I am not signing up until I am sure I can do it. I'll probably make the quilt first...then sign up. And if I don't get signed up in time I'll send it to you anyway :)

  7. You always have so many beautiful projects, I can never pick a favorite. I have used the disappearing 9-patch many times but never thought to lay my blocks out that way. I love yours and I think I will have to try that approach next time! Looks like you used butterflies in all the corners and yellow in all the middles, with other colors on the sides and top. Brilliant! (Why didn't I think of that?? LOL

  8. Looks like you had a great week. That little granddaughter has a true sense of color and style!! I LOVE it!!

  9. Lilli made me smile when I saw her in that dress!

    The dresdens---great find...can't wait to see them sewn together:)

    Love that green number too!!

  10. L.O.V.E the dresses! Oooh! And the vintage quilts too!!! ;)

  11. Wow, Sarah, what a busy week you've had! Love the dress idea..maybe one day my daughter will decide dresses are for her! Granddaughter's a cutie-pie.

  12. Isn't it fun to see the fashion sense in the making! Lots of pretty stuff on your post today, but that last quilt is simply gorgeous!

  13. Looks like you've had a productive week! Congrats on the awesome estate finds. The fabric in the GFG quilt is really interesting...almost modern looking. Do you know the time period it was constructed?

    I have an unfinished GFG top that belonged to my great-grandmother. One of these days I'll muster up the courage to quilt it:)

  14. Looks like you hit the jackpot with that estate find. You're going to have a lot of fun finishing that one up!

  15. The dress for your Grand baby is supper cool. I love that you just used a shirt from the store. I would have never thought of doing that!

  16. Oooh, what great finds! I can't resist a good estate sale. What cute dresses! Lilly looks so stylish.

  17. I love the disappearing 9-patch; it's sure to bring some extra joy to whoever sees it.
    I've been quiltmaking too and will post a link to Mr. Linky if he gets fixed soon enough.

  18. Your disappearing 9 patch is beautiful. I love the dress for your granddaughter. She is adorable.

  19. WOW ! good estate sale find !! Cute dresses and gd !! BEAUTIFUL d9p ! Nice week for you ! WHOOP WHOOP !!

  20. I love your D9P. That is so cheerful. Perfect for a 6-year old.

    Don't the finds at estate sales amaze you? I am still using notions from some I went to 20 years ago. I can't throw things away and I think these women would appreciate me using their stuff.

    GD is very cute as are the dresses. Isn't she lucky to have you!

  21. Your granddaughter is just adorable! Bet that comment made it worth every bit of effort. What a sweetie!

    Love your donation quilt, too. So bright and cheerful for a little girl who must really need some cheer right now. Poor baby...

  22. What a cute dress for a total cutie! (your quilt is lovely too) I've been traveling for work this week and missed the H2H signup - I need to take a look at the timeline and make a decision. I really enjoyed it last year!

  23. So many great things to comment on! First, the dresses and Lilli are adorable. What great vintage quilty finds! Hmm...binding that one looks like a challenge, but I'm sure you'll think of something. Can you make it a straight edge? Love the quilt and quilting with the hearts!


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