Monday, March 26, 2012

Make-A-List Monday #88! Still Keeping Up!!

Hi, all!!

Wow, Monday again - and beautiful spring weather here in Middle Tennessee.  I think it's safe to say that winter has passed us by - at least I hope so!!!  This weather definitely makes me want to start sewing even more - with beautiful bright colors!!

Let's see how I did on last week's list...

1.  Make a quilt for a 6 year old girl with a brain tumor.
Done!  Now here are some beautiful bright colors...

2.  Make a quilt for a man with lymphoma.
Done!  You can read more about this quilt on Wednesday...

3.  Make a quilt for a woman going through medical issues.
Done!  There'll be more info on this one Wednesday, too!

4.  Keep up with all the Hands2Help work coming in!
Done! Amazingly, I think I'm all caught up!!

5.  Finish a dress for Lilli!
Done!  I actually made her two!!

And here are my goals for this week....

1.  Border and quilt a quilt for a woman in New Orleans.

2.  Make an I-Spy quilt for a 6-year old boy.

3.  Quilt a man's quilt for the ministry.

4.  Do my 2011 taxes (yuck......)

Much as I'd like to do more (but I've GOT to do my taxes or my hubby is going to drive me crazy reminding me that it's almost April...) this is probably all I'll get to this week.

So now - what are you working on this week?



PS - Be sure to check out the great tutorials that people are linking up to Sunday's Hands2Help blogpost - great quilts, techniques, and even some brownie cookies that I'm dying to try!!  And there's still time to join in, if you get the bug to make a charity quilt!!


  1. Congratulations on finishing so much in a week!!! I'm VERY impressed!!!

    By the way, be careful what you say about the weather and winter being gone . . . we got SNOW today!!! :/

  2. Good grief, I can't believe how much you have achieved - well done you!!

  3. Besides taking DH to dentist, I am trying to finish my churn blocks; starting a H2H quilt; maybe buy a new freezer, and continuing to HQ the current "laying on the sofa ready when I am" quilt....

    Congrats on your achievements this last week.

  4. Wonderful LOVINGLY made quilts, Sarah!!

    But, the CUTEST EVER leeetle model!!


  5. I am making a dress this week, I can't wait to finish it!

  6. Awesome work on your list...sorry this week's has to include taxes! but get er done and then you can let it go till next year :-)
    I'm quilting someone's quilt of valor today. It will be fun.

  7. Beautiful quilts. I love the really bright one for the little girl. I am busy trying to pull together projects to work on during my long traveling day. I have pin basted two small quilts to hand quilt. I should be able to get one done. I am also gathering all the small projects I want to work on while I am in Northern Virginia. I finally finished up my sister-in-laws Christmas present quilt. I am very happy I will be taking it to her. Today and tomorrow, I will be with Bella, so I have to fit packing in there somehow. I really stress about getting ready to travel, and I am trying to stay calmer this time. I guess that is at the top of my list. I also need to add my tutorial to the H2H list. Hmmm.

  8. You've been busy! How fun! Visiting from QuiltStory!


  9. OMG are these projects all started and finished in one week? Some great causes and lovely work. Charity quilts are often made with fabric people don't want anymore, but you have used lovely fabric and blocks.

  10. You are getting so much done and then I read about the taxes.. I agree YUCK. Quilting is much more fun.


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