Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's Cookin' at The Sweatshop, Week #25 - A Good Week....

Hi, all!

Well, we had a little easier week in The Sweatshop this week - not quite as many quilts!  But it's been a busy month - if we finish everything on the frames this week, we will have made and distributed twenty-two quilts in March!!  Whew!!!

Just a simple disappearing 9-patch pattern...
This pretty little quilt is going to a little girl in New Orleans.  When our high school mission team got back from their spring trip to NOLA this year, one of the counselors contacted me with a request for a quilt.

...with hearts quilted into the small squares....

On a previous trip, they had met this little girl, who was living with a brain tumor.  This year, they saw her again and found out that she had been diagnosed with a second brain tumor.

...and a pretty piece of vintage linen from
my grandmother's stash for the back!

Her birthday was only a few days after they returned home from NOLA, and they asked if we could get a quilt made to be sent to her in time for her birthday.  How could we refuse?  So I hope this pretty sunny quilt brings a lot of joy to a sweet little 6-year old girl!


This beautiful batik quilt, made from a sudoku pattern by Margaret, went to a gentleman who has been suffering from severe back pain for a long time.  He has recently been hospitalized to see if they can get it under control.  Margaret did an awesome job with this quilt, and it is a riot of gorgeous color.


This pretty quilt top was sent to us by the lovely Megan - we were so pleased to be able to help her reduce her stack of UFOs!  The blocks are made with Punctuation by American Jane, and this ended up being the perfect quilt at the perfect time - because we needed an "encouragement" quilt for a local school teacher!  

I took one row off the bottom of the quilt to make it square, and then incorporated the square-in-a-square blocks in the back...

And look at this great fabric I found for the back!  I love it - it has lines like notebook paper, and doodles all over that speak of peace - a favorite word for us to quilt into our quilts!  


So those are the three quilts that we gave out in the last week!  But I also got a surprise this week....

Look at the beautiful quilt my fellow quilt guild members made for me!  I joined the Music City Modern Quilt Guild back at the first meeting last year, but haven't been able to attend regularly for a variety of reasons - but they surprised me with this lovely quilt!  I'm just blown away!!  All the blocks were made and signed by the members, and they are each unique.  Two of my favorites, though..

"Fight Like a Girl"

...and this one, which says, "I will survive, because I have important things to do"!   Ladies of the guild, thank you so very very much!!


And now, a heads-up - you may have seen on my blog that I lucked into some beautiful vintage quilt blocks and a vintage quilt top recently.  

Well, after talking with some much more knowledgeable quilters than me, I realized that to do these blocks and quilt top justice, I am completely out of my league!  

So on Friday, I'll be posting more pictures, including pictures of all 30 blocks, and offering these beauties up for auction.  I'd really appreciate it if you'd spread the word to people you know who love to work with beautiful feed sack blocks and tops - these are quite the nicest I've ever seen, and I'd love for them to go to someone who will appreciate them.  All proceeds from the auction will go to benefit our church's quilt ministry, so we can make more quilts to give away!!




  1. The D9P for the sweet little girl is darling. The notebook paper with doodles back is very fun. I'll spread the word on my blog about your auction. Do you mind if I use your pic?

  2. Lovely quilts ladies. I will put up a Friday post to help spread the word on the auction - think it is a wonderful idea!! Yes,, can we use some of your photos?

  3. The quilt you received is so pretty! That was very sweet:)

    I'm a sucker for batiks and that quilt is beautiful!

  4. I have some finished tops that I would like to give to you if I could get and address where to send.

  5. What beautiful quilts. Love the bright colors used in the 9-patch.

  6. The quilts are all gorgeous!
    I would imagine the vintage blocks and top would be gorgeous if you did them!

  7. Love the D9Patch...bright colors and the heart quilting. A special gift that will bring much comfort I'm sure.

  8. What a great person for the American Jane quilt! It's awesome that it arrived just in time.


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