Monday, March 19, 2012

Make-A-List Monday #87! Life is Getting Busy Again!

Hi, all!

First of all, if you're looking for the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge signups, click this link!  I hope, if you haven't already signed up, you'll consider it - it's a lot of fun to do what you love to help others!

Now for last week's list.... Here's how I did!

1.  Quilt and bind a man's quilt made by Pam for the ministry.
Done!  You'll see more of this pretty quilt Wednesday...

2.  Quilt and bind a wedding quilt for a friend.
Done!  And I can't believe it, but I forgot to take any pics...

3.  Make backs for three more ministry quilts.
4.  Quilt and bind three more ministry quilts.
Done!  You'll see more of these Wednesday, too!

5.  Pick up and play with Lilli every afternoon this week!
Done!  And we had so-o-o-o-o-o much fun!!
One day she decided she needed to play soccer
while wearing a fleece jacket, hat and gloves - 
in 80 degree weather!

And here's what's on tap for this week...

1.  Make a quilt for a 6 year old girl with a brain tumor.

2.  Make a quilt for a man with lymphoma.

3.  Make a quilt for a woman going through medical issues.

4.  Keep up with all the Hands2Help work coming in!

5.  Finish a dress for Lilli!

So now, the question is - what are you working on this week?




  1. you put me to SHAME!! I need to get a quilt on the longarm, finish 2 bindings and finish spinning some fiber into yarn.

    Wonderful finishes! =)


  2. Love all the quilts on the line! Oh, little ones and their attires! I have a lot of secret projects going that will be revealed in the next week or two.

  3. Getting motivated to pack and do paint prep, thinking of my dad, what can I make...

  4. Working on and placement of churn blocks...hopefully be done with 28 (28??!!) by the end of the week...and maybe for relaxation, muddle through fabric for the first H2H quilt....

  5. My goal is to finish making a phone case I started and to get my material ironed and cut out for a dress I am making.

  6. I am feeling shamed too! LOL.
    I havent turned my machine on in a week. EEkk! Gotta get busy.
    My goal is to get away from "real job" early while the weather is yuck and sew my brains out.
    I did manage to pull fabric for my H2H quilt! Love it!
    Have a great day!

  7. Like other commentors, I'm almost ashamed to say what I have lined up! I'm getting ready for retreat and trying to finish up my projects for this month's challenges... not even close to what you will accomplish! You GO girl!!!

  8. Oh I love the fashion statements of little people!

    Good work with all the quilts.

  9. I'm just tired reading your list. Girl, what are you eating? or drinking? What energy. I want some of that.

  10. I love looking at all the quilts that you post pictures of. Each one is so different and beautiful.


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