Friday, March 16, 2012

Can I Get a Whoop-Whoop?? Collaborative Effort....

Hi, all!  

Well, Friday has rolled around again - are you ready to get your whoop whoop on?  

Here's one of my accomplishments for the week - which is really a collaborative effort with Selina of Selina Quilts!  Selina participated in the Scrappy Block Challenge that ran on my blog earlier this winter, and I had to laugh at her initial reaction - she didn't feel like she was a "designer" and wouldn't be able to come up with something.  Well, she did come up with a great design, and even won the giveaway!  She mailed the quilt top she created to me, and this week I put borders on it to bring it up to size and quilted it.  

This pretty quilt was given to a woman I met when I went for my radiation treatment last Friday.  She was undergoing radiation treatments for lung cancer, and they had just recently discovered that she had a tumor in her brain too.  Her doctor said that if she took chemo, he could probably give her another six months.  Rather than being devastated, she was cheerfully greeting everyone and then talking to a car service to see if she could get a ride to chemo, since she didn't have any family or friends in town who could get her there.  I figured there was a reason I overheard her whole story, and found out that the next Monday was her last radiation treatment - so I finished up Selina's pretty top for her.  The nurse at the doctor's office gave it to her so it could be anonymous - all she knows is that our church sent her a quilt!  Thanks, Selina, for all your help with this ministry quilt!!

I'm also really whoop-whooping because of the response we're already getting to the Hands2Help Charity Challenge 2012!!  Signups start this Sunday - come check it out and join us!!


So now it's your turn!
What did you accomplish this week?
It doesn't have to be a finish - 
Just something you're happy-dancing about!
Share and join in the 
Whoop Whooping!!

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  1. I absolutely love that quilt! That pattern! The big and small blocks together. Wondermous!
    And the sweet story!

    Thank you for making me smile!

  2. You are the kindest person! Your story made me smile. Keep up your great work! Hope all is going well with your health!

  3. That is one beautiful quilt! Perfect home for it too!

  4. what a beautiful quilt & a wonderful way to give support to someone who needs it :)

  5. What a great story! You are such a blessing to so many, including ME!

  6. Wonderful story!!! Isn't it the best feeling to know that God has used you to help someone and you can be totally anonymous!?!

  7. What a great quilt design from Selina! You both deserve Big Whoop Whoops! I love the story of the woman who received the quilt.
    I don't have pictures this week but will be putting the binding on the dog quilt. I may be able to give it to my co-worker on Monday. She is starting chemo and radiation soon so I hope it will comfort her.

  8. You're pretty tricky! Beautiful blues and yellows! Love it:)

    I haven't a thing to report...haven't touched my machine in almost two weeks:( Good to know others are making pretty things, though!

  9. Whoop whoop coming your way from Michigan. What a great quilt colaboration and inspiring story! It's my first time linking up to your Friday list - thank you!

  10. defineatly a whoop whoop quilt!! I love it! What a wonderful gift!

  11. WHOOP WHOOP SARAH !! wow ! God gets us where we need to be ; WOW ! thanks for the wonderful story !
    ( OOPS ; messed my picture up , but the link is there ........... )

  12. What a blessing you both are! What a beautiful quilt.

  13. What a great quilt. It is well deserved. I wish the lady lots of good things in her time left. Thanks for this ministry.

  14. Selina's quilt is awesome. How cool that it's found its purpose already!


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