Monday, August 3, 2015

Make-A-List Monday - How Time Flies!!

Hi, all!

August??? How did that happen?  This year is just flying by, isn't it?  And take a look at what I saw on Facebook the other day....

Say what???  Well, actually it's 20 Fridays - somebody jumped the gun - but even so... time is going by so quickly!  Time to get my ducks in a row...

So first, let's see what happened with last week's list.  (By the way, I really appreciate all of you keeping me accountable - I get so much more done this way!!)

1.  Make a garter to go with the wedding dress quilt and pillow.
Done and delivered!  And she loved it all - which makes me very very happy!!

Pillow, quilt and garter made from grandmother's wedding
dress for a new granddaughter.

2.  Finish editing the pictures for the commission memory quilt.
Not only did I finish editing them, I printed them and made the blocks for the quilt today!  

3.  Work out a final estimate for another quilt commission.
This isn't finished, mainly because the lady who wants the quilt hasn't made a final decision on which quilt she wants.  I have other quilts to finish before I can start on hers, so I'm giving her a little time to think about it.

4.  Make more blocks for the signature quilt.
Done!  Hopefully we'll finish getting these signed this weekend and I can start putting the quilt together!

5.  Start piecing the signature quilt.
I've decided to wait until all the signed blocks are turned in just in case I need to work some blanks into the design.

6.  Work on Nathanael's stocking.
Still in progress - but I'm making some headway!  

7.  Make labels for any of the grandkids' quilts that don't have one yet, since they're being stored at my house until the kids move into their new house at Christmas.
I've written them, but still need to reduce the size, print them out on fabric, and sew them on!

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done!  Just one quilt request this week, so it was simple...

This quilt went to a woman who had quadruple bypass heart surgery and is now recovering.

I also took Grace, the ministry's new Block Rocket, for a spin - I quilted up a beautiful quilt and she did a great job!!  I can't wait for our regulars who have been gone for the summer to come back and take their own turn - I bet we'll have a line of people waiting to use her - so we'd better get some more quilt tops done!

And now here's what's on my plate for this week...

1.  Finish piecing the photo commission quilt.

2.  Make a back for the photo commission quilt.

3.  Start piecing the signature quilt.

4.  Make a lavender baby quilt for a new baby coming soon!

5.  Work on Nathanael's stocking.

6.  Print out and sew on the kids' quilt labels.

7.  Start planning the kids' quilts for Christmas this year.

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

That's enough to keep me out of trouble, I think, although I may find some more things that need to be done!  I keep thinking about that 20 Fridays reminder - oh my......

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. My daughter is getting married in January, and I need to cut out the pieces to their quilt. It's "Delectable Mountains", a free pattern on The Fat Quarter Shop's website. I'm using my fat quarter collection of Whitewashed Cottage. I plan on embroidering their names and the date of the wedding. I wasn't feeling too rushed until that "18 Fridays until Christmas" thing...... Keep me in your thoughts to get started on it. I have good intentions, but I'm not in the best of health (chronic pain) so it gets put back a lot. I love all the work you do in one week!!

    xo Linda

  2. I really didn't need the Fridays reminder, thank you. You have a doable list and know you will surprise us with some extras as you always do.

  3. What? 20 Fridays? That made me just a little crazy.

  4. 20 Fridays is a frightening thought for me. This is one of those years that I have NO idea what to give my family.

    You always get so much done in a week. I especially look forward to seeing your quilt labels and learning how you print and sew them on.

  5. Still not in my house... a slow moving underwriter on the loan is holding us at bay... We are staying in a motel. Luckily we were able to get our things into the house. So I'm doing some reading, and hand stitching on the Drunkard's Path I started almost a year ago. Still it's progressing.

  6. Good for you to do labels on your quilts. I'm horrid at that. Love the garter, pillow and wedding quilt


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