Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What's On The Bookshelf Wednesday - Something Easy!

Hi, all!

It's time to choose another book off the bookshelf and take a peek inside!  I thought this week I would choose a book full of great easy (and quick) patterns - perfect for a little near-instant gratification!

Julie Herman's book "Skip the Borders", published in 2012 by Martingale, is a great book for quickie quilting.  All the quilts in this book are designed without borders, which gives them a slightly more modern feel.  They are divided into three categories - one block quilts, two block quilts, and outside-the-block quilts.

In addition to the obligatory basic quilt making instructions, there is a very nice section on binding, which Julie feels is a very important part of the borderless quilt.  (It's amazing the things you find when you take a closer look at a book!)

And then there's the quilts - this beautiful white star quilt...

...and then there's this cool appliqued quilt! (Something else I found  in my closer look...)

And this one is a favorite - the only one from this book that I've already made...

Here's my version!

And just because it's pretty, here's a picture from the front of the book that shows several of the quilts in the book, all rolled up.  It's a pretty way to take a picture of multiple quilts!

This is a great book if you are looking for simple, fast, modern designs with clear instructions.  Julie uses a wide variety of fabrics and colors, so it's easy for everyone to find something that speaks to them in this book.  And Angela Walters did the quilting, so there's beautiful quilting to look at too - always a nice fringe benefit!


So that's what's on my bookshelf this week.  Have you looked at yours lately?




  1. I made a few things from this book. Very fun and fast!

  2. I'm liking more and more to make quilts without borders. I'll have to keep my eye out for this one. Thanks!

  3. Sharon Vrooman would love this book, since she doesn't like to do borders.

  4. I also have this book. It is a great book indeed.

  5. That's a lot of cool and quick quilts in one book Sarah! I like no borders. :)

  6. Looks just like my kind of book, sorry I've never seen it befor. Charlotta


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