Friday, January 24, 2020

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? A Fun Week!

Hi, all!

It's been a long week, but it's finally here - Friday!  And we all know what that means - it's time for us to get our whoop whoop on!  Let's get started!


It's been a busy week around here, with lots of "new home" tasks to do and lots of packing going on.  But I did manage to get in some fun...

I finished a quilt (more on this one next week)...

...spent some fun time with this little monkey, who put on eye shadow to go to the movies....

...shared some Starbucks with this growing-up-too-fast beauty, who helped me with some moving-in tasks at the house...

...received and arranged some new furniture for the new living room...

...and sold all the vinyl flooring that loaded down those shelves!

It's been a pretty good week, even though both houses are kind of a mess, because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel when I look at views like this...

Looks pretty inviting, doesn't it?

So - - - can I get a whoop whoop?


And now it's your turn!

What's got you whooping it up this week?

What's making you do a little happy dance?

Share!  We want to dance right along with you,

And it's always more fun to dance with friends!

The party will stay open until Sunday midnight.

Hope to see you there!




  1. I love your new living room furniture and will certainly join you on Whooping that! I can't believe you had time to finish a quilt during moving week. You are awesome! And I'm so glad the flooring under the vinyl was all good. Makes you wonder why they would cover that.

  2. I'm sure I've said this before, but you are amazing :)! Love your new furniture and the cozy feeling of this layout. I've been making headway with my quilting and binding :)!

  3. It looks great, I envy the openness. With those windows I would be in heaven. Cant wait to see your new sewing space.

  4. you are so organized. Once you add all your special touches and quilts and color - well you are just going to love your new place even more

  5. Unpacking is coming along! It does look very inviting and beautiful! It almost makes me wish I had a new home now. Almost!

  6. Your new living room looks beautiful especially with those windows at the end of it! What a lovely new home to enjoy time with those sweet and beautiful grands :-)

  7. Looks very inviting, indeed! I bet that light at the end of the tunnel is looking pretty welcome, too.

  8. Inviting indeed! Be prepared for numerous knocks at your door - coffee anyone?

  9. Congratulations on the new house! I love that staircase!

  10. SEW glad that you got some time with the girls this week! Was the little one up in your new studio with you??? Looking forward to a tour... SOON!!! :o))

  11. Looks very inviting and such fun to have time with your babies! We have dance competition all afternoon tomorrow and Miss M is doing her first ever solo dance! Have a great weekend! Looking forward to the tour once you get everything in!

  12. Thank you for hosting. Enjoy your new space.

  13. it does look inviting! Your house is turning into your home!


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