Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Make-A-List Monday - Back To The Real World Again!

Hi, all!

Wow, it's back to the real world, for sure!  Monday rolled around and I really hit the ground running - we had an appointment set up to have the new house measured for carpeting and that turned out to be 8 o'clock!  So an early start, then I went over to take care of the grands for a few hours while my daughter went to a meeting. That was a lot of fun, as I had definitely missed my nana time while we were away.  Then it was back to the house to start packing again!

We had a wonderful time on our trip - so wonderful, in fact, that I didn't take many pictures!  It was restful and a good opportunity to "unplug" for a short while (although I felt like I lost an appendage without internet!)  

We ate lots of delicious food, like this Cuban frita, a Cuban style hamburger topped with fried potato shreds - OMG so good!  I grew up in Miami and the one thing I really miss is Cuban food.  

On this cruise, for the first time we had a balcony, and we got to enjoy beautiful sunrises (on the way out) and sunsets (on the way back).  

And guess what?  It appears you can find quilt-y inspiration anywhere - this was on the side of a building in Miami, so of course, I had to take a picture of it for future reference!

And now for this week's goals....

1.  Pull together fabrics and pattern for a gift quilt.

2.  Pack.

3.  Pack some more.

4.  Pack even more.

5. Haul all the stuff I packed to the storage unit.

6.  Drop off stuff I didn't feel like packing at Goodwill.

7.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

Are we sensing a theme here?  I wish I had time to sew (and I really need to work on that gift quilt if time allows!) but packing has to take priority.  Living thirteen years in a house means you accumulate a lot of junk, and it needs to be gone through completely before we move to the new house!  

I did spend some time yesterday packing, and made some serious headway!  I emptied out these three china cabinets...

...with the exception of that bottom platter, which is so large it may need to travel in my lap!  No box was available that was large enough to hold it.  The yield from that afternoon of packing?  

Nineteen boxes that now need to be loaded up in the truck and hauled to the storage unit. It was really nice to make some progress that is highly visible - my husband was stunned when he got home!  

So since it appears that I'm going to have to rely on all of you to get my quilt-y sewing fix this week, the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Hi Sarah, looks like you're making great progress on the packing - I remember how much work it is and how back-breaking it can be! I finished the tshirt commission I was working on and put it in the mail yesterday. Now I'm cutting pieces to make a Plaid-ish quilt (check out #plaidishquilt on IG when you get a chance). I also have 3 other quilts I basted at the same time as the tshirt quilt so I have those to quilt on if I get the urge! Take care :-)

  2. I have completed 2 flimsies in 4 days as well as their bindings. They are fresh-cut UFOs from December. When I get home, I will quilt them up. (I'm on a personal retreat for 12 days).

    Packing: haven't done that since 1991 when we bought our forever home at age 33. I don't envy you in the least ;-)

  3. Hi Sarah! I have just one quick question for you - do you plan on packing this week? HAHAHAHAHA! I couldn't help myself. Great job on the three cabinets being emptied. I have been in your shoes, and know how exhausting it can be. I wish I lived nearby to lend a hand - you'd be amazed how much you can accomplish when you have a friend to chat with. {{Hugs}} It will all be over in a blink, and you have that wonderful cruise to dwell on in free moments. YUM to Cuban food. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I'm so glad you had a great cruise! And it looks like you're making great progress on packing so far. Keep at it and before you know it, you'll be mostly finished. I say "mostly" because there will always be some last minute scrambling, no matter what. Just part of the deal of moving! I'm putting together a fun pattern called Cobblestones and the flimsy is almost finished. If I had ACTUALLY read the pattern first, I wouldn't have needed the extra two pieces of 83" long sashing...

  5. You really did make a lot of progress and the cruise sounds wonderful!!! I am working on getting Thing #1's Christmas quilt on the frame and quilted this week! LOL They received their quilts at Christmas, but I told them I had to have them back to finish them! LOL LOL Plus getting over the flu has really held me back. Not to mention my broken website! :-(

  6. You so deserved that rest before the big packing event and you are off to a great start! I am sewing little triangle sides to my strip pieced triangles to make triangles in a square for the sashing in my Straits quilt...I will be here awhile. HA!

  7. I am finishing a little quilt so I can load a QOV on the frame! Good progress on the packing!
    I'm glad you enjoyed the cruise-you needed the recharge!

  8. I'm making blocks for my guild's raffle quilt and a nametag for my modern quilt guild as soon as the fabric I ordered come in Thursday. Good luck with the packing and moving. I did that just last year and LOVE my new house.


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