Monday, January 27, 2020

Make-A-List Monday - And No TimeTo Sew...

Hi, all!

I. Am. So. Tired. Of. Packing.  I want to sew!  But I've got another week or so of this before I can get back to sewing, so I'm going to plug on through.  Let's see how last week went...

1.  Finish the gift quilt.
Done!  I'm loving this pretty thing...

More pictures to come on Friday!

2.  Take more boxes and stuff to the new house.
Oh yes - over and over and over again!  But there's still more to come...

3.  Meet with movers for estimates.
Done, a mover chosen and scheduled for February 4th!

4.  Accept furniture deliveries at the new house.
Done!  A nice new living room...

5.  Get internet and TV installed at the new house.
Alas, the conduit from the AT&T box was broken, so they have to come out and repair it before they can hook me up to fiber.  Hopefully this week!

6.  Sort through and pack up the attic.
(Ducks head in shame)

7.  Disassemble some of the larger Kallax shelves in my sewing studio so they can be taken downstairs.
Didn't get to this one either.  This week for sure, though!

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Thankfully, it was a quiet week!  No quilts requested.

I feel at such loose ends with no quilt-y goals.  All my energy is invested in packing and moving - - - but last Wednesday night at church I got to sit and sew for three hours, and wow, did I feel rejuvenated!  So at least I've got that for a while.

I'm not going to set any goals for this week - everything is move-related, so rather boring and not pic-worthy, anyway.  But we are getting new carpet tomorrow, so I'll be able to start working on setting my studio back up.  Maybe I can get back to sewing in a week or so!

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Good luck with your week of packing. On the bright side, this is the best time to declutter xx

  2. This is so exciting, Sarah, but I know the packing and moving part is not so exciting :-) Your new living room looks lovely; I'd love to plop down on that comfy couch and chat with you while we stitch. Hope the week goes well for you!

  3. Congratulations on your new house. I'm working with secret quilts this week. They are going to a contest for the Norwegian Quilt Guild meeting in March, and can't be published before that.

  4. with the move will you need to find a new church for your quilting or will you stay with your quilting ministry where you have been? I'm not sure how far that is from your new house

  5. You are nearing the finish line; hang in there!

  6. Oh Sarah, I know exactly how you feel! As soon as I packed up my sewing room for our move, all I wanted to do was SEW!! Hopefully you'll be 'back in business' soon :-) I've been doing something quilty every day since Jan 1 and I'm loving it. You can check out all my progress on IG.

  7. Once you get all moved in, you'll enjoy your sewing so much more!
    When we moved in this house from around the block, I thought we would never get done. We moved it all by truck and car. At least we got things set up as we moved even with pictures and stuff on the wall!

  8. It was a long time until I had my machine set up after we moved here, your new home looks wonderful. It will all fall into place very soon ,Those boxes, we had so much cardboard, and luckily we have a transfer station( rubbish dump) that is run so well, huge bins for paper board, tins, glass, plastic and whiteware disposal . The man who is there most days knew us so well by the time all the unpacking was done. I am sure you will get through this in your usual very efficient way, the same as you do the ministry quilts, your own, new projects and more. Hope it is cooler for you, we have had so many really hot days, and overnight inside about 23 Celsius!!!

  9. Yay for carpet (and setting up the new studio!!!) I'm packing... for this weekend's Quilt Retreat. :o))


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