Friday, February 14, 2020

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? Things Are Looking Up!

Hi, all!

It seems like forever since last Friday, but guess what?  It's rolled around again, and it's time for us to get our whoop whoop on!  Are you ready?  Let's get started!


This week has been dedicated to getting things in order at our new home.  Granted, I've been doing that while battling a cold - why do we always seem to get colds at the most inopportune times? But I have made some headway in the process.

First off, I moved some furniture around up in my sewing studio...

...and now I have seating areas for me and all the kids (or guests if anyone wants to come sew with me) and a space cleared out for Jolene, my long arm machine.  Hopefully Jolene will come home this weekend!

We have had a ridiculous amount of rain this week, which has caused some pretty significant flooding - so significant that they have closed school early one day and kept it closed the next.  My eldest granddaughter wanted to earn some spending money for a field trip, so I offered to pay her to help me do some things around the house.  As you can see, she really got into it, helping me re-assemble my large Kallax shelves...

She's pretty proud of herself, and she should be!  It was hard work getting those back together, and it weighs a ton - but together we pulled it all together and got it in place. She's a good hard worker!

Then she got to do what she called the fun part - unpacking my fabric and organizing it on the shelves by color.  She fussed at me because I had too much pink (how in the world can you have granddaughters and have too much pink?) and it's maybe not exactly how I would organize the fabric, but it's possible that having it arranged differently will bring new pieces and new possibilities to the forefront!  There's still lots to do in the studio, but it is starting to come together - I can't wait to get to work in it!

Downstairs, we ordered some new barstools for the counter, and I put them together.  I love Amazon!  I really like these stools, and they are super comfortable.  They're also much more our style than the ones the former owners left behind.

I've also started putting up pictures, which really helps the place feel more like home.  There are still lots more to be put up, but it's nice to have it started!

And although she's not very happy about it, I took our border collie Fly to a new groomer this week, who de-skunkified her, brushed her out and cleaned her up - she looks GORGEOUS!!  I was so impressed that they actually brushed her instead of just going immediately to shaving her, which is what has happened with other groomers in the past.  Hopefully now that she's older, she won't be quite so "nippy" when I brush her, and we can keep her well-groomed!

So - - - can I get a whoop whoop?


And now it's your turn!

What's got you whooping it up this week?

What's making you do a little happy dance?

Share!  We want to dance right along with you,

And it's always more fun to dance with friends!

The party will stay open until Sunday midnight.

Hope to see you there!

(Sorry if the link-up isn't there - I'm working on getting it reinstated!)



  1. Always enjoy seeing your progress in your new house and all the activity included - thank you for these little peeks :)! Love how your granddaughter arranged your fabrics. Always enjoy seeing things through their eyes :)! Beautifully groomed Fly - you have a wonderful groomer for her now.

  2. Your new sewing room is going to be great!
    I am not seeing the link party - it says that the subscription has expired. Not sure if that's a problem at your end or mine.

  3. love how your granddaughter is dividing by color - I have found that helps me - I'll check back later to see if the link up is working

  4. Whoop Whoop! I would totally jump on letting someone sort my fabric because I NEVER want to do it! lol. Those stools do look comfy! Glad your pup is fresh & clean & deskunkified. Great sewing space.

  5. You are making a lot of progress...good progress! What a lovely little helper. I'm sure she made it much more pleasant too!

  6. Good progress on the home front--you have to wake up excited everyday!

  7. Will you send your granddaughter to my house in Texas? I would LOVE for her to arrange my fabric!

  8. I can't believe how grown up Lilly is. What a great way to spend an afternoon, setting up your sewing room with sweet Lilly by your side.

  9. the link still isn't working, but I'll try to remember to come back... good groomer! Your pup is beautiful. Your kitchen is too, LeeAnna

  10. How fun to have your sewing room coming together. I hope the cold is history. Those are miserable!
    I finally got something quilted and the binding on for a hand sewing finish which is how I'm going to have fun this Valentine's watching a fun movie :-)

  11. Hooray for fabric on display in your new studio!!!

  12. This is very exciting...being in a new space and fixing it up...Big kudos to granddaughters....xo

  13. Looks like things are coming along nicely. It's so nice to have a little help getting things put back together. I am sure you will get more creative ideas with her fabric organizing! LOL Good to hear you found a good groomer. That is so important. It didn't take us too long to find that but a place for my hair and my nails is still a journey in my area and I have been here for 3 years! You'll have to give us a tour when you get settled in.

  14. So nice to see your studio coming to life and to have help with the sorting is the frosting on the cake. I have one caution about storing fabric on open shelves. Be sure to monitor the movement of the sunlight in the room. I had issues with fabric fading when I stored on open shelves, even when the sunlight did not directly shine on the fabric.

  15. Wow, your home is really coming together. So nice! And especially nice to have your granddaughter's help. Looks like she was thrilled to help. A quilter in the making, that's for certain!


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