Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I May Have A Scrap Problem... But I'm Working On It!

Hi, all!

I am excited to tell you that I finished my first quilt top in the new house (with a LOT of help from my friends!) and it is a scrappy beauty!

It's a traditional signature block (5" squares with 2.5" snowball corners on the diagonals) and isn't that border great?  It's amazing what you can find when you dig through stash!  This quilt came together last Saturday morning when the quilt ministry ladies met as we cranked out the signature blocks right and left.  I drew the task of assembling the blocks into a top and adding the border, and Rita will do the quilting at church Wednesday night.  It's going to be given to a special person as a quilt-y hug and I love that it is the first top to be assembled in our new home.  Hopefully it presages lots of scrappy sewing in the future!

And now here's some eye candy / inspiration for you!

Isn't this lovely?  There's something about a green quilt that just makes me feel happy.  And wow, what a scrap-buster!

And for those of you who prefer a warmer palette, how about this red top?  

This looks like such a fabulous scrap-buster - it could be done in many different sizes of background squares, depending on whether you wanted a smaller quilt or a really large one!

I think it's the colors in this quilt that speaks me, but it is a great scrappy design, too.  What a great way to use up tale ends of yardage and that occasional stray charm pack!

And here's an ultimate up-cycle quilt - made of squares cut from plaid men's shirts.  There's a huge amount of fabric in an XL men's shirt  - and on half price days at Goodwill, they're an absolute steal!  (That is, if you don't have a husband who has w-a-a-a-y too many shirts already...)

And now, in honor of Valentine's Day....

How about some totally adorable scrappy hearts?  I particularly love the gray backgrounds!

And while this quilt would probably require yardage for the background, you could make it using just one charm pack that's lying around in your stash somewhere!

And last but certainly not least, isn't this lovely?  It just makes me smile.  Once I find my scraps again, I really want to make one of these for myself!

So now you have a mission - go forth and conquer those scraps!




  1. Sarah, I love that new top you finished! The colors are gorgeous and that border fabric is perfect!! I haven't played in my scraps too much lately, I've been trying to finish some UFOs ;-)

  2. Do they have a support group for scrap addiction? If not, I need to start one! LOL
    Love all of these options.

  3. Thanks for all the scrappy eye candy, Sarah, and congrats on completing the first quilt top in your new home!!

  4. Nice to have the first quilt top sewn to christen your home!
    The pic by katiemaytoo is calling me-what a clever design!


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