Monday, February 17, 2020

Make-A-List Monday - Guess Who's Back?

Hi, all!

Monday, Monday, can't trust that day... did you ever wonder why you couldn't trust Monday?  I actually like Monday and the fresh start it gives us!  And today's was especially fun, as the grandkids were out of school and I got to spend time with them.  I'm going to like living closer!

But enough about that - let's see how last week's list went.  (Please bear in mind that I had a wicked cold most of last week that is just now vacating the premises...)

1.  Work on organizing/setting up the quilt studio.
It's getting there!  I've had some excellent help from my eldest granddaughter...

...who not only helped me put this Kallax unit together, but then unpacked boxes and organized my fabric by color on it!

This week my husband and I went back to the house to rescue Jolene and her frame...

We packed her carefully into the truck and brought her to the new house.  I'm sure my husband thinks I'm a little obsessive over her, as careful as I was making him be while taking her frame apart!

And this afternoon, Lilli and I decided to put the pieces back together.  (She informed me she called dibs on the electric drill!)  This girl isn't afraid of much of anything, and she did a great job re-assembling the frame.  We did have some stops and starts, when we forgot a step and got ahead of ourselves, but eventually...

...the frame was back together!  Then my husband came home and helped me get it level (always a tricky procedure) and then...

Jolene is back!!!  I've still got to put the front bars on, but I decided I could do that tomorrow - it was time for a little pizza!  I'm happy to say that my IKEA wire shelves fit underneath the frame now, and I've almost decided what I want to fill them with.  
More on that soon!

2.  Hang up pictures.
No pics yet, but I did get started on this one, plus I took several pieces to Hobby Lobby for framing.  We have so much great art, it's fun to have new ways to display it!  I'll share some pictures soon.

3.  Organize the bedroom closet.
Unfortunately, this one was a victim of that bad cold I had.  I just didn't get to it!

4.  Finish a quilt top for a special event at church.
Done!  No full pictures yet, but here's one showing that I put the binding on!

5.  Write blogposts for the "Charmed, I'm Sure" tutorial series.
Started!  The first tutorial in the series posted this past Sunday, linking to a great tutorial by the fabulous Amy of Diary of a Quilter for this pretty quilt...

6.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done!  This quilt went to a young woman dealing with serious unexplained pain issues...

...and this quilt went to a young girl just diagnosed with bone cancer.

And finally, this quilt went to an elderly woman dealing with issues following heart valve surgery.

So not too bad, all in all, although I wish I could have gotten much more done!  This week, I really need to kick it into overdrive and get to work on the old house, getting it ready to go on the market.  So here's my list for this week...

1.  Finish getting Jolene and her frame set up and connected.

2.  Continue hanging pictures at the new house.

3.  Do a quick sweep/vacuum at the old house.

4.  Start on wall repairs at the old house.

5.  Work on the next tutorial/quilt for Charmed, I'm Sure!

6.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

Sounds like a short list, but I really need to get to work on the old house!  Plenty there to keep me busy for a couple of weeks...

And since most of my sewing is being enjoyed vicariously these days, I want to show you a picture sent to me by Heather. She used my Supernova pattern to create this beautiful quilt, adding to the size to make it a full twin size.  She used reclaimed fabrics, such as curtains, sheets, shirts, and a tablecloth to make this. And can you believe it was just her second quilt? AMAZING!!

So now, the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Your sewing room is coming along nicely and you'll be all settled in creating beautiful quilts before you know it.

    Wow, Heather's quilt is an absolute stunner.

  2. Great progress, electric drill, and all levelled. And the quilt, what a super supernova!!!

  3. I can hardly believe the size of your sewing studio, it’s just’a bit’ bigger than mine 😂😂😂 what a great helper you have, and you are so lucky to be living close to your grandkids. My daughter was RAF and they always lives at least four hours drive away, now they are grown up. My baby grandson is even further away, but I do have a granddaughter who lives 30 minutes away, and she is almost old enough to start sewing! Love that supernova quilt.

  4. Even with a cold - you accomplished sooooo much - wow, good for you! It makes such a difference, getting the sewing room set up, even a little bit. You had a wonderful helper too :)! I had some bigger quilts come back from the quilter's, so back to trimming and binding. Two are gifts - looking forward to the gifting.

  5. it looks like you have a great helper and one who is very handy with tools is keeper for sure :) It is all coming together now but sorry you have to keep going back to the old house to get it all cleaned up and like you say nail holes etc repaired on the walls a pain but a must

  6. Great job getting the LA moved and frame back up! Love the GD with the electric drill!

  7. Wow, to that supernova quilt!! Yay on getting your quilting frame up and running!!! Looks great in there!

  8. I have your cold with a fever. Not getting anything done here, other than sleeping.


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