Friday, May 8, 2020

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? A Bit of This and That...

Hi, all!

Hard to believe, but it's Friday again!  The days all seem to run together, but it's always fun to make sure we have something to whoop about on Fridays, isn't it?  So let's get started!


I had the best time this week - I got to spend one-on-one time with both my granddaughters in the sewing room!  First one was Lilli...

...who apparently sews standing up!  She's pretty sure she knows everything about sewing, so I just let her create on her own.  One day she'll want to make something "real" and she'll ask me for help!  She made some pillows and a skirt for her doll, and had a lot of fun!

Next up was Emmalyn!  I was pretty amazed at how much she had learned just watching Lilli sew.  This was her first real time sewing on Lilli's machine, and she did great.  She came into the sewing room about 8:30 am and sewed non-stop until noon.  She made doll pillows, a doll bed quilt, a headband (or three!), wristband "shields" like Wonder Woman, a splint for if someone hurt their ankle (her explanation), and probably some other things I can't remember.  

While she was there, I made face masks for both her and Nathanael, too.  Here she is modeling her Tinkerbell mask!

And, because she sewed so well with little help from me, I was able to trim and bind this t-shirt quilt!  It is enormous - you can see it is spread out on my king size bed, and hangs over the sides and end.  I think I need to run it through the dryer again, though, and get it out at the end of the cycle - it's so big it gets really crumpled up in the dryer, hence the wrinkles!

I do love the functional pockets on this quilt!  A bit of a terror to quilt around, but worth it...

I had some spare time in the afternoon and no particular project to work on, so I decided to press and cut up some of my solid scraps for an upcoming project.  Here you can see the 1.5", 2.5", and 4.5" squares I cut for the project...

And here's a pile of narrow strips and tiny bits that I'll save for crumb blocks!

I'm excited about new projects and finishing up some UFOs!

So - - - can I get a whoop whoop?


And now it's your turn!

What's got you whooping it up this week?

May the Fourth Be With You!

What's making you do a little happy dance?

Share!  We want to dance right along with you,

And it's always more fun to dance with friends!

The party will stay open until Sunday midnight.

Hope to see you there!




  1. How wonderful to have both the girls sewing, and making something, not just playing, this might be the start of a following in gran's hand prints. They are so talented, wonderful memory to keep.

  2. It looks like a wonderful way to spend time with grands!
    The girls are so relaxed in your sewing area--what a treat for them and you!

  3. I love that the girls are sewing. I hope to get my daughter back to her machine soon.

  4. What a fun Grandma you are! I remember making all sorts of little things when I was a kid. The girls will have such warm memories of being in your sewing room.

  5. What sweet memories they will have being with you!! You're passing on a legacy.

  6. That must have been so much fun with your grand daughters! I'm so glad they are sewing!
    I got binding sewn on Straits (still working on the hand sewing part) and masks made. I finally bit the bullet and ordered 100 yards of elastic on Amazon. I hope the reviews are true. (Praying hands!)
    Have a beautiful weekend. I hope someone bought your previous house!

  7. Lovely job on that T-Quilt finish, Sarah! Nice to see the girls enjoying some studio time with you. That much be SEW much fun!

  8. Love how that t-shirt quilt turned out! I finally got delivery of interfacing yesterday! Time to get back to my t-shirt quilt project! It is fun to see the girls interest in sewing! Must pass on our love to the next generation! Look forward to your next project!

  9. How fun for you to have those darling girls around...what memories also.

  10. I would be interested in knowing what model Janome the girls are sewing on. Looks like so much fun for children!

  11. That t-shirt quilt is a monumental work of art! Love the working pockets! ;-) And such lovely memories made with the cute granddaughters. They will treasure these times with you. . . and you with them.

  12. Awwwww! "a splint for if someone hurt their ankle" - that quote SO reminds me of my 5-year-old granddaughter. I was getting her interested in hand sewing just before all this virus stuff put an end to that. Gosh I miss my grandbabies. I get very close to depressed every now and then, just thinking about not being able to hug them. So it was nice to see your grandchildren having fun in the sewing room in this post.
    Kathleen - kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  13. It sounds like you had a great time sewing with the girls.


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