Sunday, May 24, 2020

Hands2Help 2020 - Our Final Guest Blogger!

Hi, all!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!  Please keep social distancing in mind while you are celebrating this weekend and stay safe - but I hope, like me, you are enjoying lots of beautiful weather, grilling and family time.

Today we are welcoming our final guest blogger, Kathy Bruckman. You may already be familiar with her blog, Kathy's Kwilts and More - always a fun place to visit!  Kathy loves blog hops and sharing her creations - and today, despite being in the middle of a remodel at her house, she has a tutorial for us!  She's gone above and beyond this week, so enjoy her post and be sure to share some love!


My name is Kathy Bruckman and I blog over at Kathy's Kwilts and More.  

I have followed Sarah for a while and have been a guest blogger for Hands2Help a couple of times.   I have enjoyed seeing how generous quilters are.

Quilting is definitely a big passion of mine.  I love making them and giving  them to those I know will treasure them.

I had planned to have a big stack ready to donate, but we are in the middle of a big remodel, the whole main level, and I have no place to sew and quilt right now.  Have you tried taking a whole level of furniture, pots and pans, bedroom furniture, and whatever else and put it all in the lower level?  You end up with no space, and that is where I am right now.  But hey, it will be worth it in the end.  I will feel like I have a new house without even moving.

When I am done with remodeling and moving everything back in place, then I will get these quilted and donated.   For now I will share pictures. 

My granddaughters, ages 8 and 10, love to quilt with me and they are currently working on a fun I Spy quilt. 

I would like to share a tutorial with you for the I Spy quilt.   I am not giving yardage as this was made from scraps. 

88 - 4" squares
99 - 2" x 4" strips of background fabric
12 - 2" x WOF strips for the sashing between rows

Take half of your 4" squares (44) and sew the 2 x4 rectangles to the left and right sides.    

Take your remaining squares and sew to the squares with the rectangles - so they look like this:

You need 8 squares across, make sure there is a 2 x4 rectangle on each end.  Make 11 of these strips.

Take 1 strip and sew a sashing to the bottom.   Then add your next row.   

Then add a sashing strip and repeat until all rows are sewn together.  Press as you go.  Press your top.  Make a quilt sandwich by laying a backing piece, batting and your top and you are ready to quilt as desired and bind.

I have been working with my granddaughters virtually but would prefer to work with them in person.  Unfortunately with the coronavirus and sheltering in place that just has not worked out right. 

I have been asked why I am willing to donate my quilts.   I feel good when I do and I love the comfort a quilt gives me and I want to share that same joy and comfort with others.  So, as soon as these are quilted and bound they will be shared.   I hope that by helping my granddaughters make a donation quilt or two that they will feel that same joy.


Thank you so much for sharing, Kathy!  I love that your granddaughters are moving into making quilts just like their grandma.  It's important to introduce the next generation to quilting, and how wonderful that they will have these memories with you.  My fondest memories are of the times I spent sewing with my own grandmother.  

Next week is our final link-up for this year's Hands2Help, and I can't wait to see all of the beautiful quilts that have been created and donated, despite all of the challenges of 2020.  Are you looking forward to it as much as I am?




  1. Thanks for sharing, Kathy! The fact that your granddaughters are successfully assembling one of the quilts really speaks to the ease of construction using your method. LOVE the fact that you are quilting with them virtually, in light of our current restrictions!

    1. Thank you so much. Our guidelines here, in Utah, are allowing things to open up a bit more. Hoping we can get together sometime soon and be able to quilt.

  2. Great post Kathy - remodels are tough - definitely a lesson in patience, right?? Great quilts and love the black sashing on the I-Spy quilt.

    1. Thank you Bernie. Yes, remodels are tough. Glad we have a contractor doing the work.

  3. A lovely job Kathy amidst the turmoil of a rennovation and a virus - each one is surely difficult. The I Spy quilt is perfect.

    1. Kathleen,

      Thank you. Yes, challenges are hard. My granddaughters are proud of the quilt top they made.

  4. All of Kathy's quilts are really pretty. Thank you for the free pattern too.

  5. These quilts will be loved! I look forward to the H2H wrap up — it’s heartwarming.

  6. Thanks for sharing your tutorial, Kathy! Your grandkids' I-Spy is just so cute, and they are creating memories at the same time. Your "to be quilted and donated" pieces are also lovely! What a treasure they will be for the recipients :)

  7. Love the quilts, Kathy!!! Thanks for encouraging us to give them away!


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