Monday, May 18, 2020

Make-A-List Monday - The UFO's are Flying!

Hi, all!

It is Monday, right?  Once again the days all seem to be running together - but I've been doing a good bit of quilting, so it's all good!  Since last week, I finished the pineapple quilt...

...and I also quilted this top from back in February.  Both quilts will be sent to my nieces, one for a new great-nephew and one for an  upcoming great-niece, due in August!

Then I put this top on the frame and got it finished.  Remember all those tops I made back in January and February? Well, I'm working on whittling that pile down, and this makes #2 from that stack (the one above is #1).

Three baby quilts were next on the stack.  These were fairly small, and Lilli and I worked to find backs for them on Friday.  I loaded them on the frame on Sunday and did the binding early this morning!  And that makes #3, #4, and #5!

And then this afternoon I had a bit of spare time, so I found a backing for this quilt and finished it off too!!  And #6 is in the books!

I've got three more quilts in that stack, and hopefully I can knock them out in the next day or so.  It would feel really good to know that all my tops have been quilted!

I had fun making backs for all of these - working through stash means you have to make pieced backs, which take a lot longer!  Here's a pic of my favorite back..

And speaking of favorites, take a look at this rosebush!  It's a wild rose from over at the old house - it only blooms one time per season, so once these blooms die, it won't bloom again until next spring.  I'm awfully glad I got to see it this weekend, because it's never had that many blooms on it before!

So this week I'll be making backs for those last three quilt tops and getting them on the frame.  Hopefully I'll have them all finished up by Friday!  I've also received a request for some slightly different masks from a friend, so I'll be working on those this week, too.  

Oh, and just FYI - family game night was a great success!  We ate lots of fun finger food and played Sushi Go!  That is a wonderful game to play with kids - interesting enough for adults, but easy enough for the kids to enjoy.  I highly recommend it!  This week we will be trying something different - Build Your Own Ramen Bowl!  

This is a newly revisited favorite - it's so much fun to dress up plain ramen noodles!  Be sure to use regular broth, either from a can or box or be brave and make your own - it tastes so much better than the flavor packet, and it's much better for you.  Sweep the fridge for any leftover its and bobs that can go in - meats and veggies both.  And try making soft boiled eggs in your instant pot!  They really make this a meal, and they are so pretty in the bowl.  I may experiment with something called "ramen eggs" this week - soft boiled eggs marinated in a soy sauce blend.  It gives them a pretty patina on the outside and I bet they taste wonderful.  Add a swirl of sauce on top for flair!

And now the question is - - - what are YOU working on tis week?




  1. You are finishing up those quilts!!! Great job, Sarah! Sushi-Go is a family fav here, too. We had tempura ramen last evening--shrimp tempura, spinach, green onions, kamaboko, and wakame (seaweed). We'll definitely try making ramen eggs.

  2. I love the look of that Ramen bowl - yummy.
    It is Tuesday but whose counting - I never know what day it is anymore and I'm wrong more than right on it. Glad you got to see your old roses - hope you are having luck in showing the old house to sell or that it already has

  3. Your rose bush obviously likes its new location! My Knockout roses are loaded with blooms that go from yellow to pink as they open up.

  4. Way to power through those UFOs! I'm starting to get my mojo back after the passing of our 19 year old kitty, so mostly simple piecing going on in my studio. But every stitch is progress toward some future quilt, right? :)

  5. Great job getting your quilts finished, Sarah! I love ramen (the real Japanese ramen not those packets)! Our favorite restaurant is in Austin, TX where our daughters live. Heading there soon and hopefully we will get to eat some yummy ramen!

  6. Home run, Sarah, knocking all of those quilts off your To Do List!!!

  7. I am so trying to get motivated to quilt. I have two quilts started, and of course my H2H quilt needs quilting. I have it pin basted, but my motivation is sad. I will buck up this week and get it done so I can mail it off by the deadline. Can you believe this weekend is memorial day? Crazy calendar.

  8. Oops...I missed Monday. LOL Monday was a holiday for us, so it just felt like the weekend. Good thing I remembered to check my phone to confirm that it was Monday...I might not have gotten up this morning for work. ☺

  9. Oh, yummy dish! The quilts are beautiful...hope the new masks making works well!

  10. I got my H2H baby top completed, just need to layer and quilt! Nothing like waiting until the last minute, but since it's a simple block design so I can just do straight-line quilting to finish it off, or maybe get brave and do some loopy FMQ!


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