Wednesday, May 13, 2020

I May Have A Scrap Problem... So. Much. Inspiration!

Hi, all!

Are your days all running together like mine?  With my husband working from home, there's not much to differentiate weekday from weekend and I really have to think about what day it is.  That being said, it's Wednesday, which means it's time for a little bit of scrappy inspiration!  Actually, a lot of inspiration - Instagram has been rocking it this week!

How about if we start with something tiny!  Can you imagine sewing those itty bitty hexies?

But then there's this beautiful full-size version!

I'm not exactly sure what you would call this block - maybe a split hexie?  Whatever it is, it's pretty!

How about a less ordered rainbow?  This quilt just makes me smile!

Another thing that makes me smile is fun fussy cuts - and aren't these just adorable?  It makes me want to go dig through my fabrics for cute little 1" motifs!

This is such a pretty quilt - it feels so cozy, even in its unquilted state!

Aren't these poppies lovely? I have always wanted to make a pixelated quilt, and this is one of the prettiest I've ever seen!

And as warm and cozy as all the above quilts are, this next one is calm and peaceful, isn't it?  The combination of teals and silver gray is wonderful!

But my absolute favorite for the week?  This beauty!  I'm not quite sure what appeals to me so much about it - maybe the way the sun is shining through and making the colors glow.  Whatever it is, this quilt makes me want to sew!

I hope you've been finding inspiration in your days, too - and time to indulge in some sewing!




  1. Such lovely quilts! Have a wonderful day!

  2. I go back and forth it seems from quilting, reading, crochet, knitting, kitchen and all over again and on this nice days you can put in walking outside

  3. Wow, Sarah, you really packed this post full of AWESOME!!!

  4. Thank you for searching out and sharing these lovely quilts. There are so many quilts and never enough time.

  5. I love the poppy quilt--I'm surprised even! Great quilts to look to for ideas!

  6. So much great inspo here - I love Three Cats Ranch Poppy quilt - the photos just don't do it justice; I'd love to see it in person!

  7. Thank you for starting my day with so much pretty! :)

  8. Thanks for your kind comments about my poppy quilt. The pattern is from Jane Kakaley. I’ve made several of her quilts, and her patterns are availabe as instant downloads. These are all beautiful. The little mini at the top...oh my goodness!

  9. Your split hexie block is known here in the UK as Tumbling Blocks. Love reading all your scrappy adventures

  10. Holy moly! Those are all fantastic! I especially love that little miniature. I think I've been inspired to try something I don't have the time to do!!!


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