Wednesday, May 27, 2020

I May Have A Scrap Problem...So Many Quilts, So Little Time!

Hi, all!

Seems like every time I open up Instagram these days, I see more and more gorgeous scrappy quilts!  I'm busy working on another commission t-shirt quilt right now.... I haven't had any time to indulge in scrappy sewing - boo hoo! You can see the start I made on the quilt today - just cutting out blocks and putting them on the design wall for storage.  It does give me a good idea of the color spread, though.  Once I have all the blocks cut out I'll lay it all out on the floor to check the layout, then start sewing it together.

So instead of sharing my own (non-existent) scrappy sewing, I'm going to show you what has been tempting me on Instagram this week! 

My friend Maria has been making beautiful scrap quilts for Hands2Help! This one is a pattern I've been eyeing for a while now.

Do y'all miss Amanda Jean's blog as much as I do?  Seeing an IG post from her is always a highpoint for me - and I do love this quilt, which looks like it uses up tiny bits of triangle scraps and neutral backgrounds.  

Zenia Rene created this massive scrappy trips, and I am so jealous! This has been on my bucket list for a while.  Hers is lovely!

Isn't this a lovely heart quilt? Anja did a fabulous job with it, and now I want to go dig through my blue scraps....

Tracy and I really need to get together and play with scraps!  (We met at an LQS trunk show with Jen Kingwell.)  Her June Bugs quilts is as cute as a bug, isn't it?

Jayne always has beautiful things in her feed, but I really love this play with skinny strips and curves!  

Isn't Sharon's hexie pillow adorable?  I don't have much patience for hand sewing, but I think I could do it for long enough to make a pillow cover like this.  And it's a great way to use up pretty scraps!


So please tell me I'm not alone in having so many quilts I want to make, but never enough time!  




  1. Nice progress on the T-Quilt, Sarah! Yes, I miss Amanda Jean as much as you do. I am SEW excited to see that she has a presence on IG!! Limited is better than now - like her non-existing blogging. Thanks for sharing all of this wonderful scrappy goodness!

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for the shout-out! And oh my, those curvy strips have my fingers itching to give it a try!! I also miss Crazy Mom Quilts blog but at least she still posts to IG every once in a while ;-) I love following along with your new tshirt quilt project, those tiny pictures of the shirts is an awesome idea :-)

  3. I just finished a t-shirt quilt that was very dark. I like looking at your brighter one!

  4. I wish I could be so bold as to ask people to stop making beautiful quilts. I wish they made ugly quilts for awhile so I can catch up on my to-do list, lol. But I wont because I so love seeing what others do. ;^)

  5. I am so with you.... Stop the clocks!!

  6. I really like the scrappy trips quilt! Just wow!

  7. Way too many plans, and that’s why quilting is so fun and addictive. The first example, Chandeliers pattern by Lella Boutique, is on my list to make. And I was equally excited to see Amanda Jean’s quilt and missing her blog. Thanks for inspiration to keep on quilting.

  8. Yes, I'm finding way too many scrappy ideas on IG and elsewhere. I have 4 projects sitting here waiting to be quilted and way too many block collections accumulating. Good thing I'm retired and that I have lots of scraps and stash.

  9. I definitely have more ideas than time to execute them! But I love seeing inspiration from other quilters. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I just said today to my husband "I can't believe 2020 is nearly half over...well, 5/12's!" I don't know where the time goes...but it's sure getting there faster than ever before. Yes, yes, yes! I miss Amanda Jean. And just the time I found Tracy's Bits and Pieces I guess she stopped blogging as well! You must never, ever stop...ok?

  11. You are not alone! I was just looking at a pattern for that top one and wanting to make it. It's called Beads and the block is soooo easy :)

  12. Of course you are not alone. I thing we all do this!! I also love seeing a post from Amanda Jean. I really miss her blog. Anja's quilt is lovely too. So many fun things to make!!

  13. Sarah! Thank you for the highlight! I'd been wanting to make scrappy trips for a couple of years. I've actually made 3 but this is the largest by far. oxoxo

  14. Lots of scrappy goodness this week. I miss Amanda Jean's blog as well. Thanks for sharing my heart quilt. Need to get that quilted up this weekend.


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