Monday, May 4, 2020

Make-A-List Monday - Quite a Week!

Hi, all!

Yes, it's Monday.  Or Thatotherday, if you are using the COVID-19 calendar!  And it's been quite a week around here.  Let me share a little bit of what's been going on...

Face masks!  These are going to a local nursing home where the residents are finally going to be able to eat lunch together on Tuesday!

And more face masks!  These don't have a specific purpose (yet) but I'm sure that they will be needed soon.  I've taken to cutting a bunch of 8" squares and keeping them stacked by my sewing machine, so I can work on a few every day.  Elastic stays in a basket on the other side of the machine - and I finally gave in and ordered a 100-yard spool today.  It should be here sometime next week, which is much better than what they were telling us in March, right?

While I'm eating breakfast and lunch, I've taken to working on jigsaw puzzles.  This is the one I finished last week.  Great puzzle, but I really wish I could find that one missing piece!  It was still a lot of fun to put together - very challenging!  I'll start a new one tomorrow.

I also finished piecing the commission t-shirt quilt!  You can see just how huge this quilt is - there's probably another three feet that you can't see on the other side of the top roller.  Tomorrow I will be spray-basting this monster so I can quilt it this week.  

And last night was what made this "quite a week"!  I was up in my studio sewing, with the window open.  As the storm started getting closer, I closed and locked the window, and turned around to go downstairs - and before I could get ten feet away, the lower part of the window blew out of the frame and into the room, along with a LOT of rain and wind!  I managed to get it back in the frame, and my husband came and rescued me, taping a trash bag in the part of the window where we couldn't get the window down.  But it was a hectic ten minutes or so, and I was soaked by the time we were finished.  We were fortunate, though - many people in Middle Tennessee suffered a lot more damage than us.  It was one heck of a storm!  70+ mph wind gusts can do a LOT of damage.


And this week?  Well, quilting that monster quilt is on my agenda, along with more masks, of course.  Maybe throw a quilt or two on the quilt frame, too.  And tomorrow night, for Cinco de Mayo, we're having the kids and grandkids over for a massive taco feast!  A new puzzle will probably find its way to the dining room table.  It's the last one I have on hand, and they are getting harder to find, so I'll have to work this one slowly until my daughter finishes the 1000 piece Star Wars puzzle she's working on.  First world problems, right?

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Umm, Sarah... You've got a longarm quilting machine. Why on Earth would you be planning to spray baste that T-Quilt?!?!

  2. With all the tshirts you cut up, the lower portion below the graphics could be cut up into 1" rings and stretched out for mask ties. I use them as one piece through the mask casing, loop behind neck, ends tied above head. A lot more comfortable than elastic and free!

  3. I was just reading about the derecho that hit Nashville and the surrounding area and wondered if it affected you. The weird weather doesn't seem to be letting up at all. We're having unseasonable cold with wet snow possible on Mother's Day. Glad you are okay and you certainly have enough to keep yourself busy.

  4. That tshirt quilt is an amazing fabric puzzle you put together!
    And the jigsaw puzzle is lovely. I'm working on a 1,000 piece Star Wars puzzle this week too!

  5. I am with Joyful.....if you are going to quilt it on the longarm, it seems spray basting would be counter productive. And why on earth would you quilt a monster quilt on a domestic if you have a longarm?

  6. Hi Sarah. That puzzle is a beast! I had the same one. I have traded it off to a friend now, but the pieces were so small and crazy shaped. Where did you find elastic? I have been looking on line and haven't found any. I am working on my Hands 2 Help quilt today. Need to get it moving forward.

    1. I bought a $5 pair of XL yoga pants at Dollar General And started cutting strips off the legs instead of elastic. health care workers say it's more comfortable.

  7. Wow - that window event sounds so scary! 70+ winds are quite something - I hate hearing it and do worry, with good reason I can see from your post. I am curious why spray baste if on a long arm, or does that insure that you get less shifting? It is interesting to learn other people’s techniques with some of these things.

  8. I finally got my sewing room unpacked from our move several weeks ago. We wanted to get it painted and some new shelves before I unpacked. So I made 3 masks. And I'm a little overwhelmed with the rest of the house and working from home so I'm not sure what will be next. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  9. Great job on the masks! The puzzle looks like it was a lot of fun! The T-shirt quilt is amazing--it will be a good project for the frame, too! sorry about the window--you are so right, it could've been worse but was still a rude awakening! lol

  10. You certainly accomplished a lot. And I really enjoyed our chat the other day. I'll let you know what I decide to do with the antique quilt.


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