Wednesday, August 5, 2020

I May Have A Scrap Problem... But Here's Some Inspiration!

Hi, all!

Last Thursday I received an email from one of you wonderful readers, checking to see if I was okay because I hadn't posted on Wednesday!  With that in mind, how could I miss another week just because I didn't do any scrappy sewing this week?  But, while I didn't get to do any scrap-busting, I did spend some time on Instagram and found some totally amazing inspiration.  So now I'm going to live up to my title of The Great Enabler and share with you!

This is a simple quilt, but so cute!  
And a great way to use up strings, too.

This is a simple block to make a lot of quickly - it's basically a signature block - but so cute in colors!

And oh, I do love this scrappy quilt - and so clever to echo the center panel with the colors of the 25-patch blocks!

Another great way to use up strings!  Lots of work in these blocks, but they are so interesting to look at...

I don't think I have the skill to make a quilt like this, but I sure do enjoy looking at them, don't you?

Sharon, this quilt is!!  I love all these little houses and want to make a neighborhood of my very own!

Another simple block, but doesn't it make a great scrap quilt?

Don't you just LOVE this quilt?  And be sure to zoom in and see all the fabulous quilting.  It is a small quilt, but MIGHTY!

I saved this picture because I wanted to be sure to remember the power of color choice.  Which block catches your eye the most?  For me, it's the second from the top on the left.  The dark centers in the stars make a serious change in the block and give it a whole new dynamic!

I love this bright, happy quilt.  Once again, it's simple but a great way to use up some of those hoarded scraps!

The person who made this quilt called it the UGLY quilt.  I couldn't disagree more!  I love the movement in this stack-and-slash quilt, and really want to make one of my own....

And speaking of quilts I want to make for myself, this beauty has got me dreaming of pickle dish blocks!  

And last but definitely not least, Preeti's beautiful Eggs and Bacon quilt! A magnificent use of scraps, and quite an accomplishment - and don't miss the quilting!  I've done that circular quilting on a small wall hanging, and give all the props to Preeti for sticking with it all the way to the end!

And now, all I have to say is - - - go forth and scrap!




  1. I love the font size!!! Thank you!! What a great selection of scrappy quilts, they're all lovely. Pickle dish is also a quilt on my list. Have a great stitching day!

  2. I like how Preeti quilted this quilt in spirals it really makes it stand out in some way doesn't it and I love the pickle dish too

  3. the aqua block catches my eye's a fave color of mine...and oh that pickle kaffe fabrics i think...

  4. you are an evil temptress...LOL...all really pretty and couple now on my someday bad girl...

  5. I made the LOVE quilt for my granddaughter in corals, turquoise and grays. I added a row of hearts all the way around it and then a border. I am currently machine quilting it.

  6. I made the LOVE quilt for my granddaughter in corals, turquoise and grays. I added a row of hearts all the way around it and then a border. I am currently machine quilting it.

  7. The domestic joy quilt is on my wishlist! Scrolling instagram really fun and time flies really fast there LOL.

  8. Fantastic inspiration--I really liked the use of string quilts!

  9. One of us followers was just concerned about you. And didn't mean to pressure.

  10. Thanks for sharing all of these beautiful quilts Sarah. There are so many that I would enjoy making.

  11. Thanks for the quilty inspiration. Severely lacking in quilting mojo right now!

  12. I popped that first one right into my inspiration folder! I'm making 2.5" coins as leader/enders and I could lay them out like that :)

  13. I'm with Louise, I've saved that very first quilt for future inspiration. Thanks for sharing these great quilts with those of us who don't dare go onto Instagram for fear of never coming back out!


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