Monday, October 19, 2020

Make-A-List Monday - No Time To Breathe, Much Less Sew!


Hi, all!

Monday has arrived, with the start of a new week, but for me it will look a lot like last week.  And that didn't include much time for sewing!  Let's take a look at what did go on last week...

1.  Keep working on the strings project.
I did get this to a good place before I stopped having time to sew...

The more I look at this, the more I love it.  AND I've already got an idea for the next prototype that I'm itching to try!!

2.  Finish repairs on the old house.
Done, and we've gotten past the inspection contingency on the house sale.  Hallelujah!  Next up, the appraisal!

3.  Plan and execute meals for while I'm working.
This has gone pretty well!  We had pot roast and noodles one night (thank you, slow cooker!); picked up Chinese for supper the next night; my husband made excellent chili on Friday; and then we had Chinese again on Saturday with the grandkids (because it's one of the few things all of them will eat without complaining!) So I had it pretty easy last week. I have some more crockpot/instant pot recipes to try this week, and a couple of air fryer meals.  So grateful for modern conveniences!

4.  Find a hand project to take with me for quiet times at early voting.
I didn't do this, but wouldn't have had time anyway!  We have three registrars at our polling location, and we have all three been processing voters as fast as we can from opening at 9 am until we close at 6 pm.  The election officer tag teams us for lunch and breaks, but it has been a steady flow with no time to even chat with each other, much less do needlework!  But it makes the time go quickly, so it's all good!

This week I'm not even going to try to make a list - there just isn't time during the day, and I don't have energy at night when I get home, to do anything at all.  I miss my sewing room, but I think working the polls is important!  The sewing will be there once the election is over.  This is what I want to work on next, I think....

So now I want to know - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job processing voters! It sounds like quite a commitment and effort. Hang in there and again Thank You!
    I'm still not sewing either. We brought home our new dog, Bob. He is wonderful! Luke is having a great time wrestling and walking with his new brother. Bob is also very respectful to my cat. Amazing fit for our family!

  2. Some weeks are just like that, Sarah. Here's hoping that your sewing machine might see a little bit of action next weekend!

  3. You are to be commended for your work at the polls - a rewarding job. I am a former poll worker, but had to give it up because of my age. I hope EVERYONE gets out to vote.

  4. Ditto on the Poll Watching. We need to know that the election will not be bought like the 2018 was. Take care.

  5. Look at those diagonals! Nice work on both!

  6. You are going above and beyond with you poll registrar work so you definitely get a pass on sewing and cooking this week. I like the string Nova.

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  8. Thank you for working the polls Sarah. My sister is doing the same thing. I was a little too nervous to volunteer because of Covid. However all three of us (in my house) voted and hope others will too!!


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