Friday, May 9, 2014

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? Catching Up, and a Winner!!!

Hi, all!

It's Friday again, summer is almost here, and the weather is finally gorgeous!  I attended Lilli's kindergarten program tonight - it's hard to believe she's finishing up her first year of real school!  She did a great job - quite an improvement from her 3-year-old preschool program, when she danced behind her classmates, laid down on the steps of the stage, and generally created mayhem!

So - - - are you ready to get your whoop whoop on?  I think I'll share mine first, then announce the winner of last week's giveaway.  I've got a few finishes that I'm particularly proud of to share this week!

This quilt is a great example of God making sure we have exactly what we need when we need it!   We received a request for a quilt for a man who was just diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer.  He in his 40s, works repairing Harleys, and his favorite colors are black and orange.  When I went to see what was available for a quilt for him, I found this great stack of American Chopper prints and panels, and the black and orange flame print!  A little drafting on graph paper, a few solids and voila!  A great biker-friendly quilt!

Next is the swoon quilt - completely finished and ready for gifting!    I had fun quilting this one - some of it still looks drunk but it was an enjoyable experience.  And it has great texture!

And then there's the Celtic Solstice quilt - blocks pieced and donated by Sharon, and I put it all together and quilted it!  This quilt is so beautiful - I already took it to church to remove the temptation to keep it!  It will be a wonderful quilty hug for someone in need very soon...

So - - - can I get a whoop whoop??


And now, the moment many of you have been waiting for!  First of all, let me say that I appreciate every one of my followers, and wish I could send each and every one of you a big prize package to say thank you!  But since I can't, let's find out whose name was chosen by Little Miss Random….

I love the Pam Kitty fabrics, I fell hard for the "morning" line, so I would say a supply of all of the Pam Kitty lines from the past, the present and the future would make me super happy.

Just in case: (m3reyna at gmail dot com)

Monica, I'll be contacting you by email today to get your snail mail info!  Congratulations!


And now it's your turn!

What's made you dance the happy dance this week?

Share - we want to dance along with you!

And remember - it doesn't have to be a finish -
just something that makes you happy!

The party will stay open until Sunday midnight.

Hope to see you there!!



PS - Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the For Pinks Sake Blog Hop!  


  1. Congratulations to the winner and thank you for hosting. I love the Swoon - have yet to make that quilt and so want to. Oh, you did a lovely job with the Solstic quilt - just scrumptious and can't wait for it to have a home.

  2. I love the Swoon quilt!!! Thanks for hosting.

  3. Congratulations Monica!
    All of the quilts are beautiful, I fell in love with Sharon's when I saw it on her blog, great colors.

  4. You will notice our swoons are so alike!! Love this quilt.
    My kinky isn't directed to the right place though. using my iPad and it messed if you want to remove it...go ahead. It couldn't find a way. Thank you!

  5. I LOVE that you had THE perfect quilt right there for that Harley man! Perfect timing ;-) Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love reading your blog. It's always so inspiring to see you and your quilting ladies passing around so many beautiful quilts for those in need of some comfort. And what a great finish this week! They are all very lovely. :)

  7. I find your swoon quilt gorgeous! The colors are so pretty and well coordinated.
    I must say that I'm always amazed by the number of finishes you have every week. And I wonder how many hours your put into quilting each day... :-)

  8. Such great quilts Sarah. It is amazing to see how God works through you! I haven't linked up in a while, it's good to be back!!

  9. Oh, Wow, Sarah -- you need a woop, woop WOOP! THREE fantastic finishes this week?! I am SO not worthy! I'm totally in love with your Swoon quilt. And the Celtic Solstice. And the Harley quilt is pretty cool, too. Congratulations!

  10. Oh, your quilts are marvelous. I'm especially drawn to that "Swoon" and the Celtic Solstice. I need to get my Celtic Solstice quilted.

  11. I love your swoon colors . . . unique. Gray and green! who would have thought those would look so good?

  12. Amazing how well that Harley quilt came together. I hope it will make the recipient's days much warmer and brighter. Both of the other quilts are fabulous! I especially love the colors in the Celtic Solstice.

  13. I always love a Swoon quilt, but that Celtic Solstice quilt took my breath away! Love how you give to those in need. What amazing heart! :)

  14. Whoop! whoop! to you, Sarah, and to Monica, too. As usual amazing quilts you have made with the Director's help.

  15. Everyone, thank you so much for the congratulations and Sarah thank you for your generosity and really fun and interesting blog. Really I never win anything and this is such a surprise.

    Coming from a family with several people who are motorcycle, particularly Harleys I feel your trepidation with trying to find good material, you did a great job and I'm sure that this quilt will offer comfort and bring back better memories for the recipient.

    Thanks again,

    (m3reyna at gmail dot com)

  16. Hi Sarah - can you please send me the mailing address for Happy
    Chemo - I have two quilts ready to mail to them for Hands2Help!
    thanks, Kate.....

  17. Your swoon quilt is fabulous! Nice work on the quilting. Oh my, Sharon's Celtic Solstice is a beauty to behold. And the biker quilt has its own charm as well. Lilli is growing up so fast. I remember that video and it doesn't seem like long ago!

  18. I love the swoon quilt. When I make one, I will probably quilt it similar to yours. It looks amazing. And how wonderful that you had the perfect fabric. Sometimes I think some quilts are just meant to be.

  19. They all look wonderful and of course the right quilt for the young man would be there when you needed it. I too would have been tempted to keep Sharon's Celtic Soltice too.

  20. Lovely quilts, I particularly like the swoon!

  21. God always knows what is needed. Isn't it great that he cares so much for us.

  22. Hi Sarah. Not wanting to wait until the last minute, I finished my H2H quilt a few weeks early and would like to send it to Quilts of Compassion this week. Could you email me an address?


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