Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hands2Help - Time to Check in Again!! And Some Inspiration...

Hi, all!

Boy, time is flying by - the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge for 2014 is almost at an end!  And although I know many of you have already finished (and even mailed!) your quilts, I'm sure there are many of you, like me, who haven't even started yet!  So in addition to giving you a chance to check in and show your progress, I thought I'd bring you some inspiration - something to kickstart your quilting mojo, if needed, or just give you one more thing to put on your bucket list!

Patterns for the following quilts are available for free on Craftsy

Last week, Karrie shared this great pattern with us - it's also available for free on Craftsy!  (This is my version of her quilt)

Jamie shared the tutorial for this quilt with us earlier this year…

And the tutorials for the following quilts are available in various posts on this blog…

So if you haven't started yet, I hope this gives you some small inspiration!

And now it's time for you to link up below and share your progress.  You don't have to write up a new post for this - if you've already blogged about it, feel free to link up an old post.

Next Sunday we'll have our final guest blogger, and then it's the home stretch - the final linky week begins Sunday, June 1st.  You'll be able to link up your quilts any time during that week, ending on Saturday, June 7th at 6 pm.  Winners of the giveaways will be announced (with any kind of luck!) on Sunday, June 8th!



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  1. All great quilt patterns and thank you for sharing the inspiration. I am very please to say all my quilts are done, posted out, and received.

  2. I'm done! All of my quilts were mailed yesterday. Although, I did see that Star Bright tutorial the other day and wondered if I had time to make one more.....

  3. Such beautiful quilts on your post today. I'm happy to say that my quilt is finished and was mailed earlier this week : )

  4. I have gotten side tracked - I have the quilts ready but I have lost where the charities and addresses are listed can you point me in the right direction

  5. Love the inspiration. At this point I may have to start quilts for 2015 H2H. I'm assuming there will be a Challenge in 2015.

  6. Such pretty offerings here today. I'm not making much progress on mine... changed my mind on the Grandgirl wedding quilt too often. She's the first priority - you know. I'll get my two done for H2H, but they will go over the deadline. (I really prefer to make charity quilts. The others give me so much anxiety. Do you know what I mean?)
    I'm with Tink's Mom - gotta start earlier.

  7. I finished my third quilt, and will be meeting up with Emily soon.

  8. Mine are quilted and binding is made. I just have to get the binding attached and mine will be ready!

  9. Love your quilt, Sarah! Thanks for providing so many great resources for patterns, including your own!

  10. I was looking on Craftsy for the pattern for the top quilt in your blog...I can't seem to locate it...could you help by giving me a name or link to it on Craftsy? Thanks, Sarah!

    1. Sarah, I finally found it! Fresh Diamonds!


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