Friday, May 16, 2014

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? A Very Good Week!!

Hi, all!

It's Friday again - and time to get your whoop whoop on!  It's also the start of Blogger's Quilt Festival - are you entering a quilt?  You can see my entry on the post just before this one.  It's a good story, but you'll need a hanky, I think…

But now let me show you all the things I'm whooping about this week!  First off, there's this…

Yes, FINALLY, those are new needle plates for Jolene!  I cornered the Tin Lizzie rep at the quilt show in Paducah and asked her why I was having to wait so long to get a replacement part for a machine her company manufactures - and she told me she could have one to me in a week!  Well, actually, it took about two weeks, but at least I have them!  WHOOP WHOOP!!

And look - Kate Spain bedding for my bed!  Kate posted about the new bedding that Macy's was carrying with her designs last week, and I went to check it out.  I got a super deal on it - I'm so excited! Such pretty summer colors - it's a print from Sunnyside...

And then there's Marie's whoop whoop - she made this beautiful Carpenter's Star quilt for a young woman who had been in a very bad car accident.  Marie did a great job!

And now my final whoop for the week - remember Karrie's great design that she shared with us on her guest post last Sunday?  Well, I just couldn't wait to try it, so when I found out I needed a quilt for an 11-year old boy, 
I decided to give it a whirl!

Didn't it turn out pretty?  It was very easy - Karrie wrote a great pattern.  I did alter it a bit, making the blocks bigger to bring it up to 60" square instead of 40" square. 

Can I get a whoop whoop??


And now it's your turn!

What's making you dance the happy dance this week?

Share with us - we want to dance along with you!!

The party will remain open until Sunday at midnight.

Hope to see you there!!




  1. Love your Seinfeld whoop :) Enjoyed your whole post.. enjoy your new bedding too!! Very nice... love the quilts... glad Joleen finally got parts needed! Victory :) Thanks for sharing and offering the linky too! Kathi

  2. Love what you did with Karrie's pattern! Oh, love all the dotty goodness.

  3. Congratulations on all the finishes! They are all worthy of whooping about. And your "happy dance" pictures bring a smile to my face!

  4. I love your quilts, especially the dotty one! Thanks for the party!

  5. I love both quilts. I really like that you can enlarge Karrie's quilt. I love her pattern and can't wait to make one.

  6. Whoop Whoop! to you, Sarah, and to Marie. You both made beauties. Love the look of one block as a whole quilt.
    No offering for the linky this week, I'm afraid. I've been really slow with a bad back and pain meds. (Getting older is not for sissies.) And I changed my mind AGAIN on the Grandgirl wedding quilt, so I'm starting over again from square one on a D4. Got 4 squares done and so far, I'm loving it. (I think I need therapy and a white jacket that closes in the back.)

  7. Lots to whoop about, indeed! Glad you are up and running again on Jolene.

  8. Lots of things to be excited about. I especially love that last quilt. I can't wait to try it. Do you think it would work to add extra rows to the top and bottom? I always like rectangular quilts.

  9. Hi Sarah! Once again your finishes made me smile and motivated me to get busy. It didn't take you long to make a cheery quilt from Karrie's great pattern. I was thinking I would like to make it in a larger size but wasn't sure how to do that. Would it be possible for you to share the changes you made to the measurements? At 60" I could quilt up some of these on my home machine for our local Ronald McDonald House.

    Thanks for being a reliable source of inspiration.

  10. Wow Sarah glad you shared the happy dance and all those great pieces. You are inspiring.

  11. I love finding quilts at Macy's for my bed at super discounts. It's so I can do other quilts for my smaller projects! I love your quilt inspired by Karrie!


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