Monday, May 26, 2014

Make-A-List Monday - Nathanael's Ladder Finished (nearly…)

Hi, all!

Happy Memorial Day! I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying your holiday - while remembering those who gave their lives so you could.  Here in Tennessee (at least my part of it) it is kind of gray and rainy, so it's been a bit of a sewing day so far!  But my wonderful DH took me out to lunch at Chick-Fil-A, which means free wi-fi, so here I am, writing my blog post while he goes to run some errands.  Hooray for free wi-fi!

With summer almost over, I feel kind of up in the air about what's going to transpire for a few months - but it'll all work out, I'm sure!  So let's see what happened with last week's list.

1.  Finish the tutorial for the AMB blog tour.
Almost!  The post is written, but I still need to scan some things for the PDF tutorial and pick up a few more things for the giveaway.  That's one of my goals for this afternoon and tomorrow morning!

2.  Finish proofing a quilt pattern for a friend.
Done!  Look how cute this quilt pattern turned out - it's by Kati, who blogs over at From The Blue Chair.  Watch for it to come out soon - I'll be helping promote it, with a giveaway!

3.  Start organizing prizes for the H2H participants.
Started, but not nearly finished!  Another big goal for this week

4.  Quilt at least two quilts ahead for the ministry.
Done!  I actually think I managed to quilt four ahead - but of course I forgot to take pics before I took them to church so someone else could bind them!  It's been one of those weeks, folks!

5.  Make a back for Nathanael’s Ladder.
Done!  I like the way this came out - I used more Denise Schmidt fabrics that I had on hand to make the back.

6.  Quilt Nathanael’s Ladder.
Done!  I managed to get this quilted this morning - lots of straight lines on the long arm again - and the binding is halfway on.  I was just about to stitch it to the front when my DH decided he was starving!

7.  Keep up with any ministry needs that arise.
It was a quiet week last week - we only had one quilt requested, and unfortunately the intended recipient died before we could get one to him.  I hate it when that happens, but sometimes it is just unavoidable.  But it did allow us to get a bit ahead of the game

Okay, so not too bad on last week's list.  This week, it's Lilli's last week of kindergarten, so I start on the summer schedule of keeping both girls, sort of.  I'll pick Lilli up on Tuesday from school, keep both of the girls on Wednesday while Nancy works, take Lilli (who will no longer be a kindergartener!) on a movie date on Thursday, and keep both of them again Friday afternoon.  Our  normal week will probably be both of them all day on Wednesday, and a half day with both of them on either Friday or Monday.  It'll take a little while to get into the routine, I know!  

So now let's see what I can squeeze in, sewing-wise, this week

1.  Finish the binding on Nathanael's Ladder (easy, I know, but occasionally I need a "gimme"!)

2.  Create the PDF for the AMB Blog Tour and finish the blogpost.

3.  Organize and photograph the giveaway items for the H2H Challenge.

4.  Write the H2H Giveaway post.

5. Work with my daughter on a special project - details to come!

6.  Finish a quilt top using the "leftovers" from my Bountiful quilt.

7.  Quilt a couple of quilts ahead for the ministry.

8.  Keep up with any ministry needs that arise.

Yes, I know, I've lost my mind.  There's probably no way I can get all this done - although a few of them have to be finished - but a least I won't be bored!

So now the question is - - - what are you working on this week?




  1. Your summer will be full now with both little ones added to the mix of the day(s). Once H2H is wrapped up, you should have more room to breath.

  2. Another busy week made more crazy by the girls being out of school. You amaze me.

  3. I am mailing the last of my H2H quilts tomorrow. I need to sandwich the tangerine star quilt and finish the Goodnight Irene blocks. Good luck with you list. Enjoy the grand babies.

  4. I'm hoping to finish my BOM's from the past three months done.

  5. This week I need all the blocks done, and a start at putting them together. Send some sewing angels my way, would you, Sarah?

  6. Wow! Lots of quilts finished or almost and a I long list of to dos! I think I will take a nap! Kidding! I love the cream background quilt with the line quilting! I have been out of The sewing and making quilt groove due to a high volume of work in my accounting business. I was quite elated that I completed my place mats.


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