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Hands2Help 2019 - Welcome to Guest Blogger Kathleen!

Hi, all!

Where has the time gone?  It seems like just a few weeks ago that the Challenge started - but here we are, almost at the end!  Today we welcome our last guest blogger for the year, Kathleen, who will be sharing a great and super-simple precut-friendly tutorial.  Simple enough to throw a quilt together before the end of the Challenge, if you've been waffling about joining in or have been procrastinating in general!  So let's turn the blog over to Kathleen right now!


Welcome to my day of guest blogging on Sarah's blog.

I am Kathleen Scargle McCormick and you can find me at, and as KathleenMcMusing on facebook, instagram and pinterest.  Enough about me...

Months ago I happily volunteered to help Sarah and host one of the Sunday Tutorials.  Let me tell you, what an honor it is to be a part of this group.  There will be so many good vibes going out to the universe in the next few weeks with the generosity of your donations to the Hands2Help charities.

Rectangles....  Last year I did a very fast rectangle quilt.  All you need to do is grab one of those layer cakes you have laying around.  If you don’t have a layer cake any size square will work. I would use 5" charm squares or 6.5" squares (easy to cut from a ruler). and you could approximate any of these sizes.

My original tutorial is here but I will give you similar instructions!

Layer Cake Size * (see below for a few 5" and 6.5" options)

Desired SizeDimensions# of Squares
Baby28.5" x 36"12
Small Lap38" x 54"24
Large Lap47.5" x 63" or 47.5" x 72"35 or 40
Twin57" x 72"48
Queen76" x 81"72

For today -  lets use the 40" x 60" quilt (24 squares)

1.   Sort 24 squares from your layer cake (many have 40)
2.   Pair up the squares and sew together.  
      You will have 12 rectangles (with 2 squares each). Press seams open.
3.   Pair up the rectangles and sew together.  Press seams open.
      You have 6 rectangles ( with 4 squares each).
4.  Lay your rows out to get your arrangement.

6.   Pick up two rows, 1 & 2.  Right sides together sew long seams on BOTH sides.

      Press seams any way you like, they will not be matching up with another seam.

7.   Cut the sewn piece apart in the center.
8.   Repeat with rows 3 & 4 and 5 & 6.  
      Press seams any way you like, they will not be matching up with another seam.
      You will have 6 rows.

10.  Layout again for a pleasing arrangement.

12.  Fold rows over each other, and pin the seam you will be sewing.  
       I just use one pin to keep me honest.
13.  With each pair of rows repeat - sew & press.
14.  Keep repeating this process until the top is done.
15.  Sandwich.  Quilt.  Bind.  Label!

As promised here are a few other options if you don't have a Layer Cake.  I picked the 5" charm square and the  6.5" square since  most of us have one and it would make for a fast quilt to cut.  The instructions are the same, the amount of squares needed is all that differs!

Number of Squares Needed
Block Size
Small Lap
Large Lap
5” block
(31.5” x 40’)
 (40.5” x 60”)
   (49.5” x 72”)
6.5” block
   (30” x 44”)
   (42” x 60.5”)

I can't tell you how fast this was and hope you try it and enjoy it.  I can't wait to see the showcase of quilts that are sending quilters love everywhere.  I have two done and if there is a break, I may get a 3rd or 4th done.  

For those of us in the United States, many celebrate Mother's Day.  My Grandmother called it a made up holiday - so it was never very big in our house.  However, today, I am am calling it Happy Comforter Day!!! - to all the quilters who comfort others by their generosity.    This virtual bouquet of tulips is coming your way.  Thank you and know that the world is a better place because of the love you share. 


See, I told you it was a great and super-simple tutorial!  I'm now thinking through my stash and realizing I have a LOT of 10" squares already cut that would be perfect for this project.  I see another "squirrel" moment coming on.  Thanks so much, Kathleen for taking the time to give us another excuse to make a quilt!!

Now, about next week - Sunday 5/19 is the beginning of the final link-up party for this year's Challenge, and I hope everyone will link up, even if it's to a post you already linked up to on an earlier check-in date. (It makes it easier on me when I'm trying to count - I don't want to miss anyone!)  You will have until 12:00 noon CST on Friday, 5/24 to link up, and even if you have only finished your top, with quilting on the close horizon, please link up and join in the fun!  If you aren't on social media, send me your pics by Thursday 5/23 at 4 pm CST and I will get them linked up.  

I think Comforter Day is a great idea - so from me to you, Happy Comforter Day!  And Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there, too!



PS I have sent out an email to all this year's participants with info about the last few days of the Challenge and what to expect.  If you didn't receive it, please check your spam folder!


  1. Great way to make the quilt, and love every colour together. Yes, Mother's Day down here today, Sunday 12th, and for those of us whose Mum has left, memories will be there in our hearts always.

  2. Happy Comforter Day! I love this tutorial.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day! I don’t think I got the email, I’ve checked my spam folder.

  4. I am currently curled up under my decrepit comforter!
    Happy Mother's Day--thanks for the tutorial.

  5. What a fast way to make a quilt! Thanks for sharing, Kathleen (and Sarah.)

  6. It's Mother's Day too here in Canada. I finished got around to sewing my quilt top today. It's about 75% pieced. Maybe have time for another one. ☺

  7. Hi Sarah and Kathleen! Thanks for sharing all the dets on this cute quilt. It is time to get my quilts in the mail. I have them all ready to be pack carefully and mailed out. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. What a fun, fast, easy throw or other quilt to make! Thanks for sharing this one, too.

  9. The beginning of the final How To Clean Mouth Guards: At Home

    link-up party for this year's Challenge, and I hope everyone will link up, even if it's to a post you already linked.


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