Wednesday, May 22, 2019

I May Have A Scrap Problem.... A Little Progress, Etc....

Hi, all!

Well, it has been a week around here!  With Hands2Help drawing to a close, there's tons of administrative work I have to do and very little time for sewing - but I did manage to go through one of those big scrap tubs...

...reducing it from that behemoth on the left to the much smaller container on the right.  It now contains my flannel scraps, which are neatly folded.  Since I'm not sewing with flannel right now, I'll save cutting them up until later when I need them.

Tuesday I also managed to assemble my husband's Father's Day present (yes, it's early, but it was on sale and where do you hide a box that big?)...

...and I made these gorgeous St. Louis style ribs from scratch!!!  I've never made ribs before, and these turned out AMAZING!  Apparently the secret is to cook them in the oven for a couple of hours, and only put them on the grill for a short time.  Oh my - my husband and I pigged out on these last night!  That's also broccoli slaw in the foreground - we are experimenting with some new veggies, since carbs are off our menu these days.  Keto is a strange way to diet, and counter-intuitive, but it seems to be working!

And although I've seen lots of inspiring quilts this week, I've just got one to share with you today, because it's so amazingly awesome...

Emily Bailey, who blogs over at Em's Scrap Bag, created this glorious scrappy quilt!  Now this has me itching to sit down behind the sewing machine and make one of my own!

What have you been doing this week?  Playing with scraps, or other things?  Enquiring minds want to know!




  1. playing with scraps always - love Emily's quilt. I have thought about the keto diet as hubby really needs something - but I can't stand the thought of so much meat as I need to watch my cholesterol! but he is getting to be almost in diabetic range so needs to cut back on carbs which he doesn't' do unless I do it for him. I need to check the keto out some more

  2. Yay for you and your DH getting healthy. I hope he enjoys his new chair. It is certainly beautiful!
    I am quilting the Paws Patrol quilt this week and starting a tshirt quilt for a friend. I also had the pleasure of de-skunking my pup yesterday :-0 The house still has a light pepe le peu aroma!

  3. Any progress is good!! Keep at it, Sarah.

  4. I love your blog! I am a regular reader here. I wondered why it says "Not secure" in your address when I visit, and I just learned about it from Wanda at Here is what she says to fix that….

    For all of you who still have http:// as the beginning of your blog address, this isn’t safe any more. Blogger has already set it to https:// for everyone but you need to take one more step. In Blogger go to your settings in the Basic page and change the HTTPS DIRECT to YES. In Bloglovin my blog came up as Not Secure until I changed that setting to YES. You don’t want the bad guys getting into your account and messing with it. I’m visiting a lot of blogs that still come up with the Not Secure at the beginning of the address and you need the setting enabled to forward your visitors to the secure https:// setting.

    I went ahead and fixed my own blog and now the “not secure” is no longer there. Check it out!

    Julie in WA, long-time follower of your blog!

  5. I love rockers like that! The quilt is calling you-I can hear it! lol

  6. Low carb has worked very, very well for us. And we seem to be able to stick with it, so it's no longer a diet. Just our regular food now :) No scrap playing for me this week because I'm on a quilting binge. Working through a bunch of tops to git 'em done!


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