Monday, May 13, 2019

Make-A-List Monday - New Projects!

Hi, all!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!  (I know that it isn't a happy holiday for some, but for those of you who fall in that category, I hope it was at least peaceful.)  We had a lovely time with my daughter and her family eating good food and listening to the grandkids play (quietly and without drama or bloodshed, for a wonder!)  It was a nice end to a busy week, so let's see how the list went...

1.  Finish the repairs on the vintage quilt.
Done!  I am so happy with the way this turned out, and I hope my friend will be also!  You can read more about it here.

2.  Cut out a hopscotch quilt for the kids.
Not only cut out, but pieced!  Quilting will have to wait for a little while, though.

3.  Work on sorting one of the scrap tubs.
I didn't even touch the scrap tub.  

4.  Hands2Help administrative work.
Well, I can't say that it's done, but I did a lot!  It's kind of an on-going process from now until the end of the Challenge, which is just around the corner!  Final linkups start next Sunday!!

5.  More yard work!
I had a lot of fun with yard work this week!  

I weeded out this heart-shaped bed, and added portulaca to the Rhapsody azaleas that I planted earlier.

The portulaca perked up nicely after a day of rain!  Isn't it pretty?

Then I took the site of our old fairy garden, a large rotted out stump, and added two knockout rosebushes and some sweet potato vine to the variegated ivy that was already growing there.  I also put some of the fairy garden pieces back underneath the roses so the girlies have something to check out!

Then I put some caladiums in the front planter for a pop of color.

Today I added a hydrangea next to the caladiums (they were discounted at Lowe's following Mother's Day)...

...and some pink polka dot plant and a pretty purple flower that I don't recall the name of in a planter box on the front porch!  It's all starting to come together and I'm having so much fun...

6.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
It was sort of quiet this week.  We gave away one quilt to a woman went through cancer surgery last week...

...and we delivered twenty-three quilts for our graduating high school seniors!

And as part of a collaborative effort (all hands on deck, you know?) we started working on this quilt for a special gift.

I finished assembling the top this morning, and will be working on completing it this coming week.

So it was a busy and productive week, and this week promises more of the same.  Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish this week...

1.  Make a back for, and guilt the collaborative quilt.

2.  Test a pattern for a friend.

3. Make a back for the hopscotch quilt.

4.  Start working on sorting that tub of scraps!

5.  Cut out another gift quilt.

6.  Hands2Help administrative work.

7.  More yard work? Who knows?

6.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

So many quilts, and so little time!  I'm so lucky to have lots of time to do what I love.  

And now, the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Just love your hop scotch quilt and your gardening. Way to go!

  2. Your garden is looking so good this year! In mid summer it will be a lushful delight :)

  3. You've had lots of progress even with all the work for H2H. That unknown purple plant with the polka dot plant is torenia. I'll be finishing sewing the binding down on the two Jack's Basket's quilts and FMQ a quilt for a new baby.

  4. Your posts always inspire me to keep quilting. Sometimes the scrap baskets overwhelm me - though they also excite me, because they are like 'free' quilts :)! Finally pulled out a bigger quilt project this week. Have wanted to do this pattern for awhile.

  5. Another good week of progress! I'm curious about that collaborative quilt pattern. Are they X blocks? It's very nice! I am finishing the last row of a Paws Patrol quilt top for a great nephew and then quilting it along with my little quilt for Jack's Basket. Then I'd better get cracking on a tshirt quilt for a friend!

  6. Your quilts are always a delight to view. I hope you will post pictures of your plants again when they grow bigger. It will be nice to see them progress too.

  7. You certainly have been busy. Love your flowers. The hopscotch quilt is so interesting, but I would imagine too slippery to actually use for hopscotch.

  8. I have two blog entries, HST for a QAL, a block for the 2019 Color challenge and I am sure a few more things!

  9. Quilting and piecing have a lot in common!


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