Wednesday, May 29, 2019

I May Have a Scrap Problem... Is Taking A Very Short Break!

Hi, all!

Well, I may have a scrap problem, but this week I've got an even bigger problem - about 100 prizes that need to be packaged up and put in the mail!  I haven't touched my sewing machine OR my scraps in two weeks, and until I get those packages in the mail, I won't be sewing at all!  So I'm taking a very short blog break (basically this post) so I can concentrate on that task, and be back in time for Whoop Whoop Friday!

But of course we need a little bit of eye candy, right?
Isn't this a creative layout of scrap blocks?

So go pet your scraps for me, maybe sew for a minute or to in my honor, and I'll see you Friday!




  1. THANK YOU for all your work and leadership for H2H.

  2. Wow Sarah that is a lot of prizes to pack up. Do you need my address (just kidding!)

  3. That really is a neat layout! A good man (or anyone else) quilt idea.

  4. If anyone needs a break... YOU DO!!!

  5. You are working a labor of love! The quilting will wait for you!

  6. Oh, my. Two weeks without sewing. Those scraps are going to multiply like bunnies. You'll be back at your machine before you know it.

  7. OK, I'm stitching up scraps and orphan blocks in your honor today :)

  8. Oh do you have a pattern for this "eye candy" from May 29th...I love it, might be able to copy it from just looking at finished product-but a pattern would help! Spotted this on Pinterest...definitely pinned!

  9. sorry, Unknown is ckmarshall4...


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