Monday, May 6, 2019

Make-A-List Monday - The End is In Sight!

Hi, all!

Here we are at Monday again!  And May, to boot - how in the world did that happen?  My grandkids tell me they only have thirteen days of school left, but it only seems like a few months ago that they were starting the school year!  Oh well, there's always summer fun to look forward to, right?

Let's see how last week's list went...

1.  Definitely work on the vintage quilt!
I was SUCH a good quilter this week - I made some serious progress on this project!  Here's where I was at the beginning of the week...

All those pink post-it notes are spots where I need to appliquéd a new piece of fabric.

And this is how it looked yesterday afternoon!  Today I wiped out most of the spots on the lower left and a couple on the right - I've only got about five left to do tomorrow.

2.  Finish the solids HST quilt top.
Done!  I love love love the way this came out!

3.  Quilt the Hygge Sparkle Pop quilt.
Done!  This was so much fun to quilt - you can see more pictures of the quilting on this blogpost.

4.  More yard work - unfortunately mulch won't spread itself!
Well, I got the planter weeded, the landscape cloth laid out, and the mulch spread - but ran out of mulch about two bags shy!  I've got more now, so tomorrow will see this bed finished.

5.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done!  We gave away a few quilts this week..

This quilt is going to a gentleman recently diagnosed with cancer....

This quilt is going to a woman battling a serious blood infection...

And this quilt is going to a teenager who was just diagnosed with a brain tumor.

So not a bad week, all in all!  I also made this pillow using an orphan block - some straight line quilting and an envelope back and binding, and it's done!

And here's what I'm planning on working on this week...

1.  Finish the repairs on the vintage quilt.

2.  Cut out a hopscotch quilt for the kids.

3.  Work on sorting one of the scrap tubs.

4.  Hands2Help administrative work.

5.  More yard work!

6.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

really want to get the vintage quilt finished this week - I have so many projects I want to work on right now, and with that one out of the way, I can do them without guilt!  

So now, the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. As always, your ministry quilts are so beautiful but today, the last one with golden fabric and darker ones for sashing, so right for the the HST floating in the breeze.A lovely lot of mulch,that speaks of spring goodies to be planted.

  2. Love that solids HST, looks like stained glass!! You are so productive!

  3. Beautiful results of your labors! The pillow is spectacular!

  4. Wonderful work! I am working on Block5/and Project 1 for a QAL, quilting a charm quilt, quilting my May project for Island Batik and doing some design work!

  5. I absolutely LOVE the solids HST's quilt!!! It is so a stained glass window! This week is garden work. I'm feelin' it in the back, in the rear, in the arms...


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