Friday, January 11, 2013

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? Keeping Resolutions...

Hi, all!

Here it is, Friday again!  Can you believe how quickly the week has flown?  We are having a sleepover tonight - both granddaughters, so that my daughter and her husband can get an uninterrupted night's sleep for the first time in forever.  Wish me luck that I get at least some sleep!

I don't have any big whoop whoops this week - just a few little ones...

First off, and I guess this is kind of a big whoop whoop after all, these three upholstered pieces represent the END of that upholstery project that's been hanging around for way too long!  My friend is certainly grateful it's done now - hubby will deliver these last pieces on Saturday.

This is my friend Cindy, wearing the scarf I made this Christmas for our "Dirty Santa" gift swap - didn't it turn out cute?


And these are the first two blocks I've made in the Scrappy Trips-along - which will be put into the king-size quilt for my own bed that I've resolved to make this year!  I thought it was pretty bad that I didn't have a handmade quilt for my own bed - and this will put a big chunk in my scrap bin, I hope!

I've also been whooping over some great donations we've received for the quilt ministry - you can read more about them on this blog post.  

And I'm whooping about this block.....

...the first of many, I hope!  I want to make a commemorative quilt to hang in our church in honor of all of the people who have worked with our quilt ministry - who have made quilts, cut fabric, donated fabric, blocks, UFOs, flimsies, and finished quilts, or participated in any way.  I am asking for folks to send in "hand" blocks - pieced, drawn, embroidered, appliqued, however you want to make it - to add to this quilt.  The block should also have your name and location on it.  You can read more about the project by clicking on the tab at the top of this page, or the button on the right sidebar.  


So that's what I'm whooping about this week!

What have you been working on?

Share - we want to see and cheer you on!!

Remember - it doesn't have to be a finish -

Just whatever's making you happy this week!

The party will end Sunday at midnight....

Be there or be square!!




  1. Greetings Sarah! The linky is missing again like last week. I wasn't sure if you saw that.

  2. PS-I am so tempted by the Trip along Blocks! I love the fabrics you have chosen!

  3. I'll give you a whoop whoop for hanging in there. I've done a lot of sewing this week...all hand sewing. I too am tempted by the trip along. Have a good week and take care.

  4. Happy Friday! Today's is DH's birthday, so even though we are celebrating tomorrow (more time to do cooking and have company), I may try and squeeze in a block or two. So silly, my first block is still not done (took it apart at the wrong place. Note to self: Don't sew when tired and watching Storage Wars Texas (ye-haaaaa).

  5. Love the scarf. Did you use a tutorial or a pattern?

  6. The scrappy trip will make a great quilt - and eat those scraps!!!

  7. I adore that scarf and am wondering about a pattern too. I recognize the "squiggly" print but can't place the fabric line - it's lovely!

  8. Some great finishes for YOU, girl!!! and can I give you more Whoops than JUST TWO?!!! I know you do WAY more than what pictures you post here. So, I sayin' about 50 or so WHOOPS! for YOU, this Friday! =P


  9. No quilt for your BED?? yes. you need to take care of that problem. ;)

  10. What a neat idea for the quilt ministry blocks. And WHOOP! WHOOP! for the upholstery job. :D

  11. Your scrappy trip around the world has great colors! It's going to be beautiful!

  12. Love the idea of the quilt in honor of the quilters in the quilting ministry! You ladies are angels to share your talents in such a loving way!!


  13. So... I am not the only quilter whose bed does not have a quilt on? I am relieved to know!!! Whoop whoop for you!

  14. I just hope to get to sew next week. Had the flu this week and haven't had energy to do anything; finally did knit this evening!. My hope is to sew 15 minutes a day. This week quilt DDIL's tree skirt.
    Enjoy grands

  15. Way to go on finishing your upholstery pieces!

    PS, I love your updated photo on your profile. You look great!

    Thanks for hosting this "show and tell."


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