Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What's Cookin' At The Sweatshop? Finally back again....

Hi, all!

Well, after a ridiculously long failure to post Sweatshop updates, I'm finally back! Trust me, we've been making and giving away quilts - 138 since my last Sweatshop update - but I have neglected to do the posts like I should have.  This year I'm going to try to stay current, and also do some "fill-in" posts to recap the quilts I failed to report on since September.  Wish me luck!

So this post will be showing all the quilts we did in December - fourteen of them!

This pretty quilt went to a 93 year old woman with a lot of health issues and family problems....

This neat string quilt, pieced from donated blocks by Cindy, was given to a man with inoperable brain cancer...

This bright, cheerful quilt went to an 18-month old little girl who was just diagnosed with a brain tumor...

These two quilts went to a husband and wife, older couple, who were in a serious car accident and suffered head trauma and broken bones....

This quilt went to a young man, recently married, who was just diagnosed with leukemia....

We gave a quilt that I failed to take a picture of to a woman who suffered a heart attack and is still in the hospital with fluid on her lungs...

These two quilts went to two teenage sisters who were in a serious car accident, suffering broken bones, internal injuries and undergoing multiple surgeries....

This lovely scrappy thing went to an older lady who suffered from multiple health issues, including a heart attack....

This beautiful quilt (believe me, the color is totally off - this is lovely shades of soft green and rosy pinks!) went to a woman who had to move to live with her family in another state because she was no longer able to stay home by herself.....

This pretty quilt, in a design I like to call a "Mega D9P", was given to a woman just diagnosed with breast cancer...

The call for this quilt came in just a few days before Christmas, asking for a quilt for a woman just diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer, and no possible treatment available.  I didn't think we'd be able to get this one done before Christmas, but we ended up delivering it on Christmas Eve!

The front...

...and the back!

And here is the last quilt of 2012, the 245th quilt we gave away this year!  This quilt went to a 10-year old girl who battled brain cancer seven years ago and beat it.  She was recently diagnosed with a tumor on her spine and is undergoing radiation treatments at this time.  Her favorite colors are purple and green - I hope this quilt makes her smile!

So those are the quilts we gave away in December - our prayer, with each and every one, is for the quilt to bring comfort, peace and hope to the recipient and their families.  It always amazes me how such a simple thing as a quilt can convey so much more than we could ever say, and mean so much to so many!!




  1. 245 quilts in a year - amazing work. You should be very proud! Not surprised the blog posts dropped away, when would you find the time!

  2. Oh my, what a wonderful thing you are leader of. I hope you are sharing enough of the leadership that you don't get tired. Be sure to take time for yourself... Smile...

  3. Quilters have the largest hearts and the most giving spirits. These peoples lives have been so blessed by these gifts.

  4. You go girl! The quilts are amazing as always!

  5. How very heartwarming to hear about all the quilts that were given this year. Bless you!

  6. Amazing work, and you know how thankful the receivers are. God Bless you and your ministry.

  7. They are all so beautiful. What a wonderful thing you do!

  8. All beautiful quilts, and each filled with loving grace. If it is said that 'to sing is to pray twice,' then to quilt is to pray...hmm... well there are at least three layers of prayer there. (smile)

  9. Amazing work! What a blessing you are to these families!

  10. Those quilts are beautiful. What a wonderful ministry.

  11. What a beautiful show. Our group gave away 190 this year. The need is always there. Joanne

  12. I always get tears in my eyes when I look at the beautiful quilts your group has made. I am sure they mean so very much to the people who receive them. Your ministry and your quilt recipients are always in my prayers.

  13. What amazing gifts of love. Your group has done an outstanding job of bringing comfort to many people with your quilts of love and hugs. You are my inspriration.

  14. Everytime I receive an new update on from your blog I fight back the tears as I read what incredible ways you all are the living the Gospel. You all are truly His hands and feet. I join you in praying for these dear ones that you minister to.

    Be blessed!


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