Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What's Cookin' at the Sweatshop? First Quilts Of The New Year...

Hi, all!

Welcome to The Sweatshop!  After a brief hiatus over the Christmas holidays, it looks like requests for quilts are starting to come in again - but fortunately, so are donations!  I'm going to share a little bit of both this week - let's start with the quilts we've given out since last week.

This quilt was pieced by Debora and was given to a gentleman who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the lung, liver, brain and adrenal gland.

This quilt is going to a 19-month old boy who will be undergoing brain surgery next week.

And this quilt is for a new baby of a soldier who is being deployed to Afghanistan.


We've received a lot of donations this week, too!  Take a look at all the beautiful things that have been sent to help us give out quilt-y hugs...

From Sharon V.
From Carol C.
From Deb A.

Left anonymously at church!

A while back, I mentioned on the blog that we would soon be giving away our 500th quilt, and that I wanted to make a quilt to hang at church to commemorate all the people who have helped with the ministry so far - the ladies at church who work with the quilt ministry, and all of the people who have donated fabric, blocks, UFOs, flimsies and finished quilts from all over the world. My idea was to have each person make a "hand" block to represent their helping hand in the ministry and send it in to be put into the commemorative quilt.  Well, the first block arrived this week!  Look at this beauty, made by Terri!

The colors in this are beautiful, and she wrote her name, location and blog name on the fingers of the hand.  I hope each and every one of you who have helped with this ministry will join in and prepare a block!  Your block can be pieced, appliqued, embroidered, or even drawn, in whatever colors you choose to use - however you want to represent a hand on your block will be wonderful, and a wide variety will certainly represent the wide variety of quilters who help with the ministry!!

Thanks, Terri, for starting us off so well!


Many thanks to all of you who help us with our ministry, whether by making quilts, sending donations, or keeping us and the people we make quilts for in your prayers.  It is all greatly appreciated, and we couldn't do this without you!  



PS - my friend Pam is having a giveaway on her blog - a great new book!  And if she hits 50 followers, she'll sweeten the prize pot.  Head over here to check it out!!


  1. Oh, look at all that goodness! You ladies are going to be showing off some beautiful quilts that are certainly going to make someone's life brighter. I must have missed the thing about the hands - I will make that my weekend project and get it right out. Love Teresa's hand block - block size??

  2. I need to do that too! What a lovely pile. Your box is sitting on the stairs, one of these days I'll get it in the mail! Now if I do my hand block, I'll have a reason! How's the scrappies? I am doing a giveaway...

  3. What a wonderful quilt ministry. So Many lovely items donated. Beautiful 'hand' block. What size blocks do you want?

  4. Nice blog... thanks for sharing with us..

  5. Wow, your hand idea sounds like alot of fun :)

    I have another box ready to send to you of blocks, can you send your mailing address?

  6. Wonderful to see your generous donations! That hand block by Terri is beautiful. Is it paper pieced? Such talented hands!

  7. OK, People, I found the answer! Read the Helping Hands Project tab.. it says what to do and also says "any size!" Fun idea!


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