Monday, January 28, 2013

Make-A-List Monday -

Hi, all!

I hope you all are staying warm and cozy this winter - we're having the strangest weather here - it was in the 40s over the weekend, 61 today, 70 tomorrow, then back to the 40s!  My daffodils are starting to yellow up - I may have to go out and harvest them if it gets cold again!  They say that if you don't like the weather in this part of the country, wait five minutes - it'll change!  Oh well, at least it keeps us on our toes!  And yesterday, I managed to back into my garage door - how's that for bright?  

On the cold days, I have been doing some sewing - not as much as I had hoped, but some!  In February, my little girls will start staying home with their mom three days a week so I've been enjoying playing with them this past week.  I'll have more time for sewing when I don't have them as much!  But let's see how I did on last week's list...

1.  Make two quilts for ministry needs.
Done!  Well, I quilted them...

...somebody else pieced them!  More about these on Wednesday...

2. Make two quilts for the prayer and healing service.
Partly done - these are quilted, but still need binding!

3.  Work on the second commission quilt.
I've traced all the letters and cut them out, and started to cut out the center of the quilt, just before naptime ended.....

4.  Design the messenger bag pattern.
Haven't gotten to this one yet.  Bummer...

5.  Make some more scrappy trips blocks.
Done!  I'm up to twelve now...

...but I can see that the second one down on the right side is not fitting in - we'll have to see how it goes as I make more.  This is a true scrappy quilt - I'm using anything and everything that comes to hand!  But that light block may have to go...

6.  Work on my knitting.
Done!  I had some waiting time this week, so I took it with me!  I'm about 2/3 of the way done - can't wait to finish it!

7.  Visit all the links from last Friday's whoop whoop party.
Done!  And there were so many pretty things this week!

8.  Enjoy those little girls!!
Done and done!!  We've been having a big time - Lilli has been doing a good bit of hand sewing...

, and Emmy has learned to crawl!  Here she is playing with one of her favorite toys...

So I didn't get everything done last week, but I made a respectable dent in that list.  Let's see what's on tap for this week!

1.  Bind the two ministry quilts.

2.  Make that messenger bag pattern!

3.  Work on the commission quilt.

4.  Make more scrappy trips blocks.

5.  Set up a schedule for my "free days" without the girls.

6.  Write a blogpost for the Leap Year Traveling Stash!
(Yes, that's right!  Tomorrow you can enter to win the traveling stash!! Be sure to check back...)

I'm sure there's more I should be doing, but I'm absolutely drawing a blank...  So maybe I'll get more done than this!

And now the question is - - - what are you working on this week?


PS - - be sure to check out the Leap Year Traveling Stash Giveaway here!!


  1. I almost have 12 blocks done for my scrappy trip along too!

  2. I really like the first quilt you posted (vertical rows). And...those cute girls...what fun =)


  3. Wondering HOW you get it ALL done??? ;)

  4. Lovely quilts; I like the teal with rusts in the hourglass. Sweet girls, repeat #8. Check out the messenger bag pattern at under projects-ideas.

  5. Working on flimsies and Valentine's day stuff.

    What crazy weather you are having. We are in the middle of a lovely snow storm. So very pretty.

  6. it amazes me how much some of you guys can get finished in a week.
    In the next 2 days I need to get the background blocks finished for my paper piecing quilt and I would also like in the next week to at least pin several of my UFO's so that I can work on the quilting this weekened. I have 2 charity tops waiting but I feel insprired by that first top that you quilted this week for using up some more of the scrappy blocks I was provided by my guild. This is what I love about blogging -- all the inspiration I find from other great quilters.

  7. Hey Sarah, as always I don't know how you get so much accomplished each week. I'm making the scrappy trip along as well. So fast and easy. Are we doing the hands2help again this year? Just planning my charity quilts.


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