Monday, January 7, 2013

Make-A-List Monday - The Best Laid Plans....

(Please be sure to read all the way through to the end of this post to learn about a wonderful opportunity to do some good and have a chance at winning a great quilt!)
Hi, all!

Wow, Monday again - where did my week go?????  I have pitifully little to show for last week, but I did get to spend some quality time with hubby, the granddaughters, and my sister and nieces - so I guess it was a fair trade!  Let's take a look at how last week's list went...

1.  Cover the cushions for my friend's chair.
I actually finished sewing the last of these cushion covers just before dinner tonight - still have to cover the foam in batting and stuff it into the cover, but I'm counting this as DONE!

2.  Upholster a stool cushion.
Done!  This is so easy - I love this kind of upholstery!

3.  Make a messenger bag.
Totally neglected this one....

4. Finish the wall hanging from last week.
I didn't get it finished, but I did do a bit more of the quilting.  Lots and lots and lots of straight line quilting...  But I hope to finish it this week!

5.  Quilt my "Orange You Glad" quilt.
Not even close....

6.  And as if I needed another hobby, I'm starting to knit a "Honey Cowl" - it will be interesting to see how this goes!
And I'm about halfway done with this...

Isn't that pretty?  My daughter has already asked for one when I'm done with this one, and now Lilli wants one too!

Now, in my defense, I did help my niece finish two of the quilt tops she brought with her this weekend. She finished this one for her mom...

..... and this quilt for herself!

She's just a little bit happy about it!

I wish you could have seen her walking around the house with it draped around her shoulders like a superhero cape.  She says she's going to wear it like that around campus when she returns to college, too - and I wouldn't put it past her!  Just wish I had thought to take a picture of her wearing it.....  

And here's my list for this week...

1.  Finish that wall hanging!

2.  Make at least four blocks for a Scrappy Trips
king-sized quilt.

3.  Make the messenger bag.

4.  Work on the knitting project.

5.  Work on any ministry needs that come up.

It's been quiet on the quilt ministry front, but that's not unusual for a couple of weeks around the holidays.  However, I expect it will get very busy, if history is any indication - we usually start getting a lot of donations just before we have a lot of requests come in, and this has been a big week for emails from people who want to make donations.  More about that on Wednesday!


And now I want to invite you to participate in something very special.  My friend Pam started a quilt for her father long ago - a beautiful king size quilt that she chose to hand-quilt in a Baptist Fan pattern.  Well, by the time she got close to finishing it, her father had suffered some health setbacks and is now living in a nursing home, where a king-size quilt is just too much for his needs.  Not wanting to let her work of art go to waste, she decided to use it as a fundraiser for Blood:Water Mission.  She hopes to raise enough money to allow a well to be dug in an African village!  

Pam blogs over at Learning To Be Me, and you can read more about her raffle and the quilt there.  She's offering one entry to win the quilt for every $10 donated, and I know I'm going to be entering - I've seen this quilt personally, and it's a gorgeous thing!   And she'll even pay to ship it to the winner. You can also make a donation by clicking on the donation box at the top right of my blog - but be sure to go to Pam's blog afterwards and let her know that you did! She's got instructions there for how to contact her.

It would also be great if you could help spread the word - this is a great cause and a chance to win a fabulous quilt!  Win-win!!


So now, the question is - - - what are you working on?




  1. Looks like your niece has discovered the satisfaction of quiltmaking!

    I'm inspired by your listmaking to get my own list out of my head and on to paper. Good luck with your goals!

  2. Don't let my nieces see that! I'm thinking it is a Tardis (too)? I've been a bad girl. I've picked up reading for a while and haven't sewn a lick. But, I have cut strips for the Scrappy Trip Along and have a Pinterest board just for it! Our local quilt show is right after Valentine's Day, so I better stop and start sewing!

  3. I'm glad that you are knitting!! kew-UHL!

    I am still dragging one quilt thing from last week. I need to finish a top and piece the back and get it on my long-arm, Ida. I get distracted sooo easily! =(


  4. OMG I'm making a Tardis quilt right now. It's going to be the best quilt i have ever made. I'm so happy to your nices.

  5. My daughter would go wild for this Tardis quilt. Did your niece use a pattern or just wing it?

  6. I tried to resist the scrappy trips quilt, but I pulled my material to cut last night! LOL How many blocks do you think I'll need for a king size quilt? I was thinking 40? How many are you making? I'm terrible at the math! Today we are hand quilting a granny square quilt for the prayer quilt ministry, this will take a few weeks - depends on how many people come out to help. I also have to make a table runner for a friend's birthday present, it will also be part of the decor for her surprise birthday party.

  7. Another quilter in the ranks! Hurray!!
    It's shop cleaning time here at Granma's - when we un-decorate and get all the holiday stuff put away it's the perfect time to clean-up, paint, spruce-up, and relocate merchandise!
    So we've been doing a bathroom at the front of the shop, so our customers won't have to wander thru our classroom (busy) and our workroom (messy) and my office (wa-a-a-y messy) just to get to the bathroom at the back of the shop. And I started knitting another scarf, and I have two table runners laid out on the work table, business as usual I guess.

  8. The weeks are already going by so quickly. You did well to get that much done in this busy time of the year. I have been reading and relaxing at the beach and sewing new addiction!


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