Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Leap Year Traveling Stash is Ready To Move ON!!

Hi, all!

Yep - I was the lucky recipient of the Leap Year Traveling Stash last month, and now it's the 29th - and time to find a new lucky person to play with all this goodness!!  Take a look at the lovely fabrics in this box...

...and there are some really nice non-fabric items too...

...but not an overload of them!  Nice!!

Here's what I took from the box...

...and here's what I added in!

There's a good bit of yardage in the first two pieces, and the bottom two are not as large, but still good sized.  I would have added some more, but this large mailing box is filled to the brim with lots of fabric goodness!!

So now, you ask, how can you get your hands on this stuff?  Here's what you need to do if you want to win it!

1. You must be a blogger so you can "pass it on" to another blogger on the 29th of next month.  This way it can keep on giving all year long and beyond.  Keep us posted about where it's going.

2.  You must be willing to ship it on to the next person, within a day or so after your giveaway (starting on the 29th) closes.

3.  You may take anything you like, but for every item you remove, you must replace it with another item, or more, to keep the box filled to the brim.  Items do not need to be new, but if they are not new, they must be gently used.

4.  You may fill the box with: orphan blocks, books, patterns, notions, rulers, and definitely fabric, anything sewing or craft related.

5. There is a note in the box that logs where the box has been.  Please add your info and place the note back in the box.

How to enter?  Leave a comment on this blog!  Let's make it interesting, though - how about if you tell me what you were doing crafty ten years ago?  You don't have to be too specific, let's just see if we are constant in our crafts or fickle as the wind!  Just to be up front about it, ten years ago, I did lots and lots and lots of cross-stitch!  Usually the heirloom quality pictures that took about six months of near-constant stitching to complete.  

I've got lots of them hanging around my house, but my eyesight has aged (boo hiss!) so that it's no longer as pleasurable to do it.  I didn't get into quilting until about three years ago, and that was just an accident!  

If you post about the giveaway on your blog, you can leave a comment with a link here for an extra entry, too!  Good luck!!



Oops - almost forgot! I'll announce the winner on Friday's Whoop Whoop post - entries will close Thursday afternoon at 5 pm CST.


  1. Lets just say that 10 years ago- I was hand quilting my first quilt! Eeek! My mother helped me cut each square with scissors (yep.) and then got me started on the quilting. It was a very simple patchwork. All squares.
    I have been hooked ever since!
    I even made a mini version last year- because I found all the scraps in a bag! from 10 years ago!

  2. Thanks Sarah! Ten years ago I was making quilt tops and quilting them on my DSM. As I think back to them now I realize the fabrics were pretty ugly. I hope in 10 years from now I don't think the same thing about what I am working on now.

  3. Lol, ten years ago I had a 10, 7, and 4 year old. Any craft I did was done on the sly, or in the car. I know I was quilting then, and knitting...but I think
    I had given up crossstitch and other fancy embroidery.

  4. Let's see. 10 years ago.

    I was scrapbooking for the most part. We were already into digital camera, and a lot of photos were being taken. I am not sure when I made the transition from paper scrapbooking to digital scrapbooking, but 10 years ago sounds right for the digital stuff.

    I wasn't sewing. The sewing machine I had then was up in the attic. But I was hand quilting a white hand quilted quilt.

    I was probably doing some crochet too. I'd made one baby blanket, and enjoyed it so much I made another, but that was probably closer to 12 years ago.

    10 years ago was one of the few low points in my crafting experience, but I never totally stopped.

  5. 10 years ago? I was probably painting ceramics. I used to paint a lot of christmas ornaments. Or sewing. I've always sewn (mostly toys/dolls).

  6. 10 years ago I started getting more involved in quilting as my secondary hobby while my love of scrapbooking was still going full strength.

  7. 10 years ago I was still in high school and hadn't yet discovered quilting. I was painting photorealism water colors and spending nearly every waking moment outside of school at the boathouse on the school rowing team.

  8. What a wonderful idea, I love it! I've been a quilter, with a fabric stash, for 17 years, but 10 years ago I was just getting into my knitting and spinning obsession. I knit sweaters for my two young daughters and bought a spinning wheel.

  9. Ten years ago, I was making soap and bath bombs plus doing a little paper crafting and basket making. I did quilting and sewing, just not as much.

  10. Hi Sarah,
    10 years ago I was completely, totally obsessed with quilting. Probably more so than now. Prior to that was cross-stitch. Cross-stitch was the gateway craft for me. It opened the way for all my other fiber and thread addictions.

    About 5 years ago I burned out on quilting and found my way into knitting and spinning. Now those have happily pulled quilting back into the creative fold.

    Many blessings to you,

  11. Ten years ago I was scrapbooking and crochetting. I still crochet, but don't scrapbook that much. I'd rather quilt. And I would love that box!

  12. Ten years ago I was quilting but before that I was an avid counted cross stitcher. I've done some large pieces like rainbow road, Charleston SC.

  13. Ten years ago I was a senior in high school and I was more worried about calculus than crafting! I've always crafted on and off but in high school I wasn't doing tons of crafting. I did do some embroidery--I have a Noah's ark baby quilt top that's been unfinished since 2000!

  14. 10 years ago.... hmmm..... most likely refinishing furniture and remodeling a house (does that count as crafty?) My blog is at www.TheStylishHome.com

  15. Oh how fun. Well ten years ago I was busy making File Folder games for my kids to keep them busy in Church. The was coloring, cutting and pasting. It was great fun!

  16. I'm not eligible for the stash box but wanted to say I was totally into that type of cross stitch as well. I have loads of Mirabilias that I keep thinking I must get back to one day. Like you, my eyesight lets me down now. :(

  17. Ten years ago I was just starting to quilt regularly. I also crocheted and embroidered. Now I have a longarm quilting business and quilt much much more. Still add a little embroidery to my quilts. Haven't crocheted in a while tho~
    Thank you for the chance at the give~away!

  18. Ten years ago my daughter had just turned 20 and started her 3rd year at university. that meant that I traveled every afternoon about 60 km to and from varsity. As I hate to be late for anything I would arrive sometimes with an half hour or more to spare (on purpose) for some sewing time. Yes, I was hand sewing , in the English Paper Piecing style, quilts, which would later be hand pieced. Sometimes I would knit, usually teddy bears and dolls, but mostly sewing

  19. Hey, this looks like great fun! I would love to go through some of those goodies!
    Ten years ago, I was sewing for the girls and so now I am enjoying quilting since there are not alterations!!!

  20. Ten years ago I was quilting, but only 3 years into the addiction. I had a teenager still at home and a young adult trying to spread her wings, sometimes coming back for a bit more support. This traveling box is a great idea!

  21. 10 years ago - I think i was through cross stitching and into quilting. Learning the basic patterns.

  22. Ten years ago, I was probably making blocks for my first sampler quilt, which would take a couple more years to finally put together. I had one small bag of scraps given to me by my mom, which seemed like plenty to me!

  23. 10 years ago I was quilting almost exclusively. I am now back around to embroidery a bit. That was where I started.


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