Wednesday, October 23, 2019

I May Have A Scrap Problem... My Small World and Squirrel!

Hi, all!

The leaves are falling, the temperatures are cooling down, the sweaters are finally out of storage - it's the best time of the year!  More time for quilting, too, and that means (maybe) working through some of those scraps that accumulate so fast.  And I've been working on it this week, for sure!  

I have finished this month's blocks for the My Small World quilt-along - five square-in-a-square blocks, three churn dash blocks, five orange peel blocks, and five bordered square blocks.  And since I'm working on three of these at the same time, one for each grandchild, I'm very pleased to show you all 54 finished blocks!

 Here are Lilli's, with a definite blue vibe....

Emmy's, as usual, are her favorite color - rainbow!

And here are Nathanael's - I may end up calling his The Emerald City!  But the boy does love green!

And after I finished, while I was cleaning up and putting the leftovers back in their place, I found a small pile of 1" squares. Now, I don't usually save 1" squares (yes, there is a size of scrap I will throw away!) but I've been seeing two things on Instagram repeatedly lately - tiny pincushions and talk about using interfacing as a foundation for very small grid layouts.  So I dropped everything (SQUIRREL!) and made this cute little teeny tiny pinny....

Isn't it adorable?  I purposely took the picture on my cutting mat so you could see the size - less than 2" square!  I can see how these little pincushions could be addictive - it took about half an hour to make and it's just so. darn. cute!  It will be handy to keep on the bed of my sewing machine to hold the pins for matching seams when piecing a quilt top, so that they don't get swept off on the floor.

If you're curious about the technique, you can find a quickie tutorial for it on this post.  That post contains a couple of techniques, and the fusible interfacing tutorial is the second one.

So - - - what are you doing with your scraps this week?  Anything interesting?




  1. I toss most of my scraps nowadays! I love the little pin cushion, though! And the The three arrangements of the blocks you have been making lately are stunning!

  2. I keep a pillow case by my cutting table and anything smaller than 2.5x4.5 goes in there. Once it's about 3/4 full I sew it shut and take it to my local animal shelter for them to use as a bed. This way I don't feel guilty getting rid of small pieces :-)

    No scrappy sewing for me this week - I'm finishing up the commissioned placemats and my Granny Cabin top for the sew along.

  3. That's pretty darned cute! I've pulled out the next batch of orphan blocks for making a Covered In Love quilt and some scrappy block of my own. All black/white/gray with a few small pops of teal and pink. This could be fun!

  4. I have two mason jars not very far from the cutting table. One for the 1 inch square pieces and the other for 1.5 inches square. They have to be square though. Otherwise it's bye bye. Still working on 365 Challenge and all its blues. ;^)

  5. Three worlds. All the same, but oh SEW different!! I have to say that there is no way I would be able to choose a favorite. And that tiny pinny? ADORABLE!!!


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